October 8, 2008

Suffer from asthma?
This herb can heal your lungs...

If you have asthma or any kind of obstructive lung disease, you probably know that omega-3 fatty acids can help. And I've told you about Seanol and coleus forskolin. But now there's another natural treatment that's showing promise.

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Researchers recently found that the well-known herb ginseng significantly improves the pathological changes in the lung tissues in mice. The study gave one group of mice 2 grams per kilogram of ginseng daily. A second group received the placebo. That dose would correspond to about 150 mg for the average-size adult.

What I really like about this study is that it showed the ginseng actually improved lung tissues. Very few treatments for lung disease can do that. So definitely give ginseng a try. You can find it in any health food store.

There is one thing to consider before you take ginseng. Ginseng is a warming herb in Chinese medicine. Overuse might cause headaches and gastrointestinal problems. Pay attention to how you feel if you use this herb. I'm a warm person. I like ginseng, but if I take it for a while, I occasionally notice some overstimulation. However, if you have asthma, most likely you'll tolerate it well.

Ref: Babayigit A, Olmez D, Karaman O, Bagriyanik A, Yilmaz O, Kivcak B, Erbil G, Uzuner N. Ginseng ameliorates chronic histopathologic changes in a murine model of asthma. Allergy Asthma Proc. 2008 Jul 7. Published online ahead of print.

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