Here's another FDA fiasco in the making. You might be familiar with the recent contamination of some vegetables. Health authorities scrambled to find the source. It wasn't easy. And, rather than compelling factory farmed-food producers to clean up their act, the FDA wants to make it easier to distribute contaminated food.

Here's how the FDA is doing this. The government organization recently announced that it will allow the irradiation of vegetables, such as spinach and lettuce, to destroy disease-causing bacteria.

Please think about this decision. Most people eat vegetables because they are full of life and nutrients. Now, if someone treats them with something that kills life (bacteria), doesn't it make sense that it will also kill the nutrients of the vegetable as well? Radiation will generate free radicals and toxic molecules that we don't see in nature. This will be extremely dangerous to your immune system.

Now supermarkets may be required to label the veggies as irradiated. But restaurants, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes won't have this requirement. You could go for an evening out and come home with a belly full of nuked food. Something stinks here.

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There is a short window of time to take action. Please click on this link:

It will take you to a web page that will allow you to send a comment to the FDA. If we don't take action now, we will eventually find that anything not marked "organic" will be suspect for GMO and/or irradiation. I am not 100% organic. It's hard to be, and I prefer eating locally grown food to organic produce grown hundreds of miles away. We shouldn't have to worry about GMO and irradiation on top of pesticides. But thanks to an industry driven government, that's exactly what's happening. Please speak up.

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