Here's some big news on one of the biggest nemesis of aging men. You might be able to prevent and/or reverse prostate enlargement (benign prostatic hypertrophy or BPH) without taking any pills.

Doctors around the world now consider BPH a normal part of aging for men. I've never accepted that notion. The prostate is in the bottom of the abdominal cavity, so it can accumulate fluid and toxins. And some of that we have no control over. But there's a lot we can do to avoid this problem.

In a recent study, researchers followed 15 men to find a possible solution to BPH. Before giving them anything, they collected the serum of eight overweight men. They used this serum to feed cultured prostate cells. They did the same for seven men who were long-term followers of a Pritikin-type diet.

Then they put the eight overweight men on a low-fat, high-fiber, Pritikin-type diet for two weeks.

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Prior to changing the diet of the overweight men, the serum from the Pritikin group stimulated the growth of prostate cells by 14% less than the eight men.

After just two weeks on the diet, the serum from the overweight men stimulated growth of the prostate cells by 13% less than before the diet. That's almost identical to that of the long-term Pritikin followers. These results are simply remarkable.

The diet also lowered fasting insulin levels significantly. After only two weeks, fasting insulin levels fell by 30% in the overweight men. Long-term followers had 52% less insulin as compared to the levels found in men prior to intervention. The diet didn't have any effect on the men's testosterone levels.

I've been repeatedly telling you about the 80-10-10 Diet. Pritikin's diet is identical, except for one thing. Pritikin doesn't specifically emphasize mostly living foods. Pritikin allows a lot of cooked foods. However, the ratios of carbs to protein and fat are the same.

This should have been huge news to the tens of millions of men with prostate problems. But, you didn't hear about it until now. This study confirms once again that excess insulin is your enemy. And a no-cost way to defeat the problem is diet. While this study does not absolutely confirm that the prostate benefits came from lowered insulin, there's a strong association. Nevertheless, the diet caused the men's serum to stimulate prostate cell growth significantly less than what it was doing before the change.

If you have prostate problems, please consider taking up the 80-10-10 Diet. The book is available from my publisher by calling 800-728-2288. The nighttime trips to the bathroom might just be preventable or easy to remedy with no cost other than what you eat!

If this doesn't work for you, it's possible there's something else causing your BPH. In the upcoming October issue of Second Opinion
, I'll show you another way to treat any kind of prostate disease, even cancer.

Ref: "Effect of diet and exercise intervention on the growth of prostate epithelial cells," Barnard RJ, Kobayashi N, Aronson WJ, Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis, 2008 Feb 19; [Epub ahead of print].

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