If you have diabetes, you've probably heard of chromium. It's a key mineral that helps with insulin metabolism. But did you know there's another nutrient you can take with chromium that will help it work even better?

The nutrient is the B vitamin biotin. It's another nutrient that helps glucose metabolism. And researchers recently found both nutrients work well together.

The randomized, double-blind, controlled study followed 447 type-2 diabetic patients. The researchers gave the one group chromium picolinate (600 mcg chromium daily) with biotin (2 mg daily). The patients also continued their oral drugs. The researchers compared this group to a second group taking placebo supplements.

Those taking the supplements saw a dramatic improvement in Hgb A1c. This is a crucial marker of long-term glucose levels. Additionally, their fasting glucose fell an average nearly 10 points. And those with the worst Hgb A1c at outset (greater than 10%) had the best improvement. Their Hgb A1c reduced by 1.76% and fasting glucose dropped a whopping 35.8 mg/dL. And they didn't experience any significant adverse effects.

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Action to take: If you have type-2 diabetes (and even if it's type-1), you might see much better control of your glucose with these two nutrients. Please don't hesitate to start (using the above listed dosages).

Ref: "Chromium picolinate and biotin combination improves glucose metabolism in treated, uncontrolled overweight to obese patients with type 2 diabetes," Albarracin CA, Fuqua BC, et al, Diabetes Metab Res Rev, 2008; 24(1): 41-51.

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