There's a lot of confusion surrounding omega-3 fatty acid products. Many people think they can buy cheap fatty acid products and get the healthy oils their body needs. But there's a problem with these low-quality oils: They may be highly toxic!

Supplement manufacturers extract the low-quality oils using a toxic solvent. Take those produced by Martel Biosciences Corporation. This company produces artificially extracted omega oils. They call these oils DHASCO and ARASCO. The source of Martek's products are a fermented algae and fungus. But that's not the biggest concern.

They extract the oils using hexane, a synthetic solvent petrochemical. It's similar to gasoline and is highly toxic to your brain's neurons. Furthermore, Martek's products don't match the omega content of high-quality oils. They also contain sunflower oil, diglycerides, and nonsaponifiable materials.

These oils are a major component of many infant baby formulas. And the side effects are not good. Many infants who drank these formulas now suffer from intractable diarrhea. Since it's early in the use of these chemical products in human infants, we haven't a clue as to the long-term neurological complications. We also don't know how these toxins will affect your brain. But you can be sure they won't provide you with optimum nutrition you need.

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Omega fatty acids are one place where I strongly urge you not to skimp on quality. To do so will also subject you to hexane extracted oils. If you want to use an omega-3 supplement, I strongly suggest you stick with high-quality oil. There are many on the market. Most brands of cod liver oil are high-quality. I also like marine oils from Carlson's or Arctic Omega.

If you are using a multiple vitamin/mineral EFA packet, please be sure that it's high quality like Advanced Bionutritionals Healthy Resolve (follow this
link for more information). Quality companies pay more to have their oils steam distilled rather than hexane extracted. There's no reason to use products that use hexane or other petrochemical extraction methods. You're wasting your money. And possibly damaging your health.


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