If you must have abdominal surgery, there's a simple remedy you can pick up at any grocery store or drugstore that can help you heal fast. In fact, it might spare you lots of discomfort while you recover.

Abdominal surgery often leads to a condition called adynamic ileus. Your bowels just stop working due to the shock of the surgery. Sometimes it can take days to recover. It leads to a lot of suffering and a great expense for the long hospital stay. But this very cheap and easy treatment can get you moving a lot faster.

A recent study followed 102 patients that had bladder surgery. The researchers gave some of them some gum to chew on the first day after the operation. The others did not get gum. Those chewing gum began passing gas sooner, and also had bowel movements sooner than those not chewing gum.

So after abdominal surgery, chew gum! It likely stimulates the autonomic nerves of your intestinal tract to help it recover.

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Ref: "Gum chewing stimulates bowel motility in patients undergoing radical cystectomy with urinary diversion," Kouba EJ, Wallen EM, Pruthi RS, Urology, 2007; 70(6): 1053-6.
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