Most people worry that getting too much sun can cause vision problems. But now there's evidence that not getting enough sun can make you go blind.

In a new study, researchers followed 7,752 subjects. Of those, 11% had macular degeneration. The researchers found that those in the highest quintile of serum vitamin D levels had the best protection. In fact, they had a 36% lower risk of developing the eye disease.

The researchers also looked at milk to see if it protected the eyes. They found that it did not help at all. In fact, supplemental vitamin D actually worked a bit better in the people who didn't consume milk. The reason? Milk companies typically use an inferior form of vitamin D (synthetic vitamin D2) to fortify milk.

I talk to hundreds of doctors every year. Most are in full agreement with me that we're witnessing an epidemic of insufficient vitamin D levels in our population. I find deficient levels in the vast majority of people I check. Even My wife and I were low in late winter.

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That's why I take 5,000 IU daily of vitamin D. I like the formulation used by Advanced Bionutritionals (800-728-2288). It quickly improved my levels. If you're taking vitamin D for a deficiency, please get a recheck. Many people need more than what we consider a generous dose. Some people need as much as 10,000 IU daily.

Ref: "Association between vitamin D and age-related macular degeneration in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1988 through 1994," Parekh N, Chappell RJ, et al, Archives of Ophthalmology, 2007; 125(5): 661-669.

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