How would you like to take a vitamin and lose weight? You've probably heard plenty of promises from TV ads that you can lose weight by taking some super-expensive supplement. Well, it's not that difficult. In fact, it's a lot easier than the media will ever tell you.

A recent study found that male consumers of multivitamins/minerals had lower body weight, fat mass, and body mass index. They also had a tendency for greater energy expenditure at rest compared to men taking a placebo. Women also saw these benefits, though not as significantly as men. Another study found supplements (compared to placebo) can reduce your appetite when you combine it with a calorie-restricted diet.

If you eat like me, you won't have to worry about weight problems. But my diet is too hard for many people. And most people are now overweight. So I do suggest a multiple vitamin, such as Healthy Resolve if you're trying to lose weight. There are scientific reasons for this. Considering the fact that most Americans do not eat a nutrient dense (but a caloric dense) diet, the additional vitamins/minerals help process the added calories. And, if you're on a calorie-restricted diet, if you're not careful, your nutrient intake might get even worse.

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Supplements can also increase your energy expenditure while at rest. So a good multivitamin should be part of your weight loss program. But you also need micronutrients to help burn what you eat. For best results, be sure that you get exercise and eliminate all empty calories.

Ref: "Multivitamin and dietary supplements, body weight and appetite: results from a cross-sectional and a randomised double-blind placebo-controlled study," Major GC, Tremblay A, et al, Br J Nutr, 2007 Nov 1.

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