Earlier this year, I told subscribers to my newsletter about a novel cure for skin cancers. The treatment, called Curaderm, not only cures skin cancers, but it also clears premalignant lesions as well. But it's not the only way to fight skin cancer. In fact, there's another approach that might be cheaper.

I've told you in past issues about the remarkable anticancer activity of broccoli sprouts. Broccoli sprouts are loaded with sulforaphane. It's a powerful tumor inhibitor. Now a new study suggests topical application of broccoli sprouts can fight skin cancer.

In this study, researchers gave mice UV radiation lesions on their skin. The researchers then divided the mice into three groups. They treated one group with low-dose broccoli sprout extract (0.3 micromol sulforaphane). They gave the second group a high-dose extract (1.0 micromol sulforaphane). And they didn't give the control group anything.

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The researchers treated the groups while waiting to see how many developed malignant tumors.

They discovered the extract was very effective at stopping tumor growth. And the more used, the better. Tumor incidence in the control group was 100%. All of them developed malignant tumors. But of those in the high-dose sulforaphane group, only 50% developed tumors. In other words, it cut their cancer risk in half. That's remarkable. (Those in the low-dose group also saw reduction, but not as significant.)

Add broccoli sprouts to your list of skin remedies. You can simply mash them up and apply the paste as a poultice. A few drops of added DMSO might add to the effectiveness by enhancing its penetration into the skin! Apply it as often you can. I see no risk at all!

By the way, if you're interested in reading about Curaderm, you can find the article here on my website. All subscribers to my monthly newsletter can view it for free.

Ref: Cancer Lett, 2006; 240(2)

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