I have some good news and bad news for Baby Boomers. First the bad news: New data show that one in eight of us will develop Alzheimer's. This translates to 10 million of the 78 million boomers still alive. And that's just the average risk. For men living to 55, the average is 9% - about one in 10 - who get Alzheimer's. But it's much worse for women, with 17% of them getting the disease. That's just like Russian roulette!

Harry Johns, the president and CEO of the Alzheimer's Association, said this report "makes it clear that the crisis cannot be ignored, not when 10 million baby boomers are at risk of developing this fatal disease. Unchecked, this disease will impose staggering consequences on families, the economy, and the nation's health and long-term care infrastructure."

He's right! This will impact every aspect of society. But you don't have to get Alzheimer's. That's the good news. Alzheimer's, like heart disease, is a new disease to humanity in terms of its exponential rise. That tells you that it's diet, lifestyle, stress, and toxins causing the disease.

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Fortunately, you don't have to play Russian roulette with your mind. New research shows that you can fight the disease with one of my favorite nutrients - alpha lipoic acid.

A small study of just 43 participants showed just how well ALA works. The researchers conducting the study found that it dramatically slowed the progression of the disease ... in all of the patients.

In patients with early disease, ALA kept the progression extremely slow. With moderate disease, ALA cut the normal rate of progression in half. The researchers did not double blind or placebo control this study. I'm glad. ALA can help almost everyone with everything. I'd be saddened to know that they left half of the seniors with Alzheimer's to rot away with a placebo.

The dosage the researchers used in the study was a modest 600 mg daily for 48 months. That's a very safe dosage that should help most Alzheimer's patients. And it can even help you prevent the disease, too. And coming up in Friday's alert, I'll show you an incredibly easy way to prevent Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

Ref: J Neural Transm Suppl, 2007, 72; Alzheimer's Disease Facts and Figures March 2008.

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