One terrible complication of diabetes is peripheral neuropathy. That's when a lack of circulation to your legs and feet inflames the nerves. Diabetic neuropathy is one of the most difficult types of pain to treat. But I've found three different treatments that can really help.

The first is lycopene. This is the plant nutrient that's common in cooked tomatoes and works wonders for prostate problems. In a recent study, researchers fed lycopene to diabetic mice. It reduced the inflammatory chemicals TNF-alpha and nitric oxide in the mice. And it reduced their responses to painful stimuli - which means it calmed the inflammation in their nerves (a key to reversing diabetic neuropathy).

Another study confirmed my long-time use of alpha lipoic acid (ALA) for this condition. In the study, researchers gave one group of diabetic neuropathy patients ALA (600 mg) daily for 14 days by IV. Then they gave a second group a placebo IV. The treatment group had outstanding results. The ALA significantly reduced their numbness, stinging sensation, and burning sensation. Not surprisingly, the control group didn't experience any reduction. What's more, 90% of subjects in the treatment group were pleased with the results. Only 14% of subjects in the control group said they were happy.

I've used oral ALA for over 16 years for diabetic neuropathy. The results have been good, but these results using IV administration are much better. Talk to your doctor about the treatment. The pain relief it gives you will be worth the effort.

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Better yet, I've received many wonderful reports from colleagues about another treatment. They tell me they've received incredible results using certain light frequencies in the infrared range. Their neuropathy patients respond almost instantly! And the medical research on it is tremendous.

If you have diabetic neuropathy, see if any of the ACAM doctors in your area use this treatment. I've recently acquired an infrared laser to put it to the test myself. So stay tuned to Second Opinion for more information on treating this and other painful conditions with infrared lasers.

Ref: "Lycopene attenuates thermal hyperalgesia in a diabetic mouse model of neuropathic pain," Kuhad A, Sharma S, et al, Eur J Pain, 2007 Dec 3.

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