If you're a gardener, you may be at serious risk for Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's is a degenerative neurological disorder that causes rigidity. While there are drugs that can temporarily improve the condition, the long-term prognosis isn't good. That's because the disease destroys about 80% of the target neurons (brain basal ganglion) by the time symptoms appear. So prevention is a much better strategy.

So how are you at risk for this horrible disease? From common pesticides and herbicides. I first warned of the risk of pesticides causing Parkinson's disease seven years ago. Now there's evidence that proves me right.

The evidence comes from a Duke University study. The researchers found that exposure to pesticides increases your risk of Parkinson's by 1.6 times. Those with the heaviest previous exposure (over 200 days) had more than double the risk.

And most alarming, the researchers said, "Recreational pesticide use in the home and garden was more of a source of exposure than occupational use." Herbicides and insecticides were the chemicals most likely to do the damage. That means all non-organic gardeners are at serious risk for the disease!

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Parkinson's is a dreadful disease that claims millions of American lives. If you're not using organic gardening yet, now's the time to start. Please get rid of all your pesticides and herbicides.

While prevention is the best way to "treat" this illness, there are some cases that might respond to a brand new treatment. While it won't work in every case, it is often a complete cure. I'll give you the details in Friday's health alert. You won't want to miss it!

Ref: eFlux media, March 28th 2008.

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