Most of the time, chest pains are pretty indicative of heart problems. These can include heart attacks, angina, and blocked arteries. But there are chest pains that many doctors just don't understand. And that's a serious problem.

These chest pains confuse doctors because the cause doesn't show up on any of the usual heart tests. Even detailed scans don't pick up the cause.

To make matter worse, these pains typically happen in women (though men are at risk too). Medical professionals have long ignored women's health issues. When women complained of different problems than men, the doctors would tell them it was all in their head. Or they would blame hormones and send them on their way with a prescription for HRT.

It's true hormonal differences do make for many differences in metabolism. And if you're a woman with chest pain that your doctor can't explain after doing lots of tests, don't ignore it or take HRT. You have a serious problem and you need to address it.

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Several recent studies published in the last year suggest that your heart vessel disease could be different than a man's. Your symptoms of fatigue, light-headedness, and chest, neck or shoulder pain could be undetected small vessel heart disease.

Women seem more prone to microvascular clogging. These are small vessels compared to the main coronaries. These tiny clogged vessels don't show up on standard diagnostic tests. The accepted gold standard is a coronary angiogram. When it returns normal, your doctor might wrongly assume that you have something other than heart disease.

Mayo Clinic doctors recommend additional testing for people with coronary symptoms and a negative angiogram. The first test they recommend is positron emission tomography (PET). It's a noninvasive imaging test that can suggest, but not diagnose, microvascular disease. The gold standard test for microvascular disease is an endothelial dysfunction test. It's a special type of coronary angiogram. It involves placing a tiny wire called a Doppler wire inside your coronary artery and measuring blood flow. But most cardiologists don't use this test very often. So the chest pain goes undiagnosed.

I've seen many people in situations like this. Their doctors write them off since their big arteries weren't plugged. I can't say if I've seen more women than men like this. However, I do have treatments that solve the problem.

I showed you a terrific nutrient cocktail in our last alert that can really help. One of the nutrients I suggested was the oral chelation supplement "Essential Daily Defense." It can work wonders. So can intravenous chelation therapy, which has been absolutely wonderful for women and men with any chest pain. Chelation therapy is one of the few treatments that can restore small vessels. You can order "Essential Daily Defense" from Longevity Plus and elsewhere on the Internet. Search for the best price.

Ref:, October 11, 2007.
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