I've had a lot of friends and patients coming down with springtime colds. Most of them expect me to tell them what supplements to take. There are some great ones that work, including resveratrol, Seanol, vitamin C, zinc, and others. But one of my favorite remedies for the cold and flu isn't your typical supplement.

It's green tea. I've used green tea for years to slow the symptoms of colds and flu. And now a new study confirms my experience.

In this study, researchers gave 124 men and women a supplement of green tea extract or a placebo. During the three-month study, those taking the green tea extract had far fewer symptoms of cold and flu. In fact, the group taking the green tea had about one-third the number of subjects with any symptoms. And there were 23% fewer overall illnesses of at least two-day's duration, compared to those on the placebo.

The researchers also found a huge increase in immune response compared to placebo users. The green tea subjects had a big rise in gammadelta T cells. They even had an increase in gamma interferon when the viruses threatened these cells. Gammadelta T cells and their response is your first line of defense against infection.

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While the supplements are great, I prefer the actual tea. I drink a lot of it while writing and studying. And I rarely get colds or the flu. Drink as much as you like!

Ref: "Specific formulation of Camellia sinensis prevents cold and flu symptoms and enhances gammadelta T cell function: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study," Rowe CA, Nantz MP, et al, Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 2007; 26(5): 445-452.

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