Big Pharma accidentally discovered that a patented drug used for blood pressure, minoxidil, helped regrow hair. Boy, did they make billions! But you don't need the drug. I am excited to tell you about a possible treatment for hair loss. If I could keep it a secret and market it, I probably would make a bazillion dollars in no time, just like Big Pharma. But I'd rather tell you about it and get your feedback. This is a dandy.

Researchers recently cultured human hair follicle cells. These are the skin cells responsible for making your hair. They incubated the cells with very low levels of L-carnitine tartrate for nine days. At the end of that time, the follicles treated with l-carnitine showed significant growth of hair.

But that's not all. The treatment also slowed apoptosis, or preprogrammed cell death. It improved division of cells essential to making hair. It improved local cell growth proteins in the outer root sheath.

The authors concluded their fascinating study urging more research of this safe nutraceutical approach to male pattern baldness and other forms of hair loss. I agree. But there's no reason to wait. It's harmless. And this isn't the only research I've seen on carnitine and hair loss. Other studies found that topical carnitine provides more ATP to the hair follicle cells. That makes sense since carnitine is intimately related to mitochondrial energy production from fatty acids.

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Carnitine is readily available in your local health food store. Once you buy it, here's all you have to do: Take a capsule, dissolve it in a small amount of carrier solution, and apply it to your scalp. Since DMSO is an outstanding solvent and means to carry substances into the skin, a weak 20% solution of DMSO could be the ticket. DMSO 20% is unlikely to irritate your skin. And there is no drug risk from the carnitine. You can find DMSO on the Internet.

If you try this solution, please let me know how it works. I'd love to beat Big Pharma at their own game.

Ref: "L-Carnitine-L-tartrate promotes human hair growth in vitro," Foitzik K, Paus R, et al, Exp Dermatol, 2007; 16(11): 936-45.
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