If you travel, you have to read this: Several weeks ago there was a big news story about dirty hotel drinking glasses. I travel a lot, so this story really caught my attention. I even get to stay in some nice hotels courtesy of the conferences where I lecture or attend. You'd think that the drinking glasses they provide in the rooms would be clean and safe. But they aren't!

Since the news broke about the hotel glasses, someone put together a video that shows just how bad the problem is. When you see this video, you'll never drink from a hotel glass again. Or if you do, you'll sanitize it yourself.

Here's how bad it is: At best, the maid sprays window washer fluid into your glass and then wipes it out. Next best is she just rinses it out with sink water. Worst, she puts on heavy gloves, washes out the toilet, and then goes with the same gloves and washes your sink and the drinking glass.


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Here's what I suggest you do. Bring our own hydrogen peroxide with you when you travel. You can put it in tiny glass spray bottles. Then you can spray everything you will be touching in the room, especially the bathroom.

Doing this one simple thing could save your life. Even health authorities admitted the possible spread of flesh-eating bacteria and horrible viruses. 

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