Your thyroid is under attack. Infections, pollution and pesticides, and drugs can all harm your thyroid. Even your own body can get in on the attack.

In fact, there's an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's disease that's becoming more and more common. If you have this disease, your body actually produces antibodies that attack the thyroid. Fortunately, a new study shows there's a nutrient you can take to protect your thyroid.

Greek researchers showed that only 200 mcg of selenium taken daily sharply lowered thyroid attacking antibodies in 80 women with auto-immune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's disease).

In the first three months, the women taking selenium had a 5.6% reduction in TPO (thyroid peroxidase) antibodies. At six months, it fell another 9.9%. And, at 12 months, they had a further 8% drop. The control group had increases of 4.8% on average. TPO antibodies are a factor in thyroid damage with Hashimoto's disease.

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Hashimoto's disease is very common and becoming even more common. It's a major cause of long-term hypothyroidism. Stopping the damage could spare thyroid tissue and, thus, your thyroid. That could delay the need for a lifetime of thyroid replacement.

Furthermore, if selenium can stop this autoimmune condition, it might help other autoimmune diseases as well. Selenium is a wonderful nutrient for balancing and boosting your immune system. I recommend the dosage used in this study (200 mcg daily).

"Effects of 12 Months Treatment with l-Selenomethionine on Serum Anti-TPO Levels in Patients with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis," Mazokopakis EE, Papadakis JA, et al, Thyroid, 2007; 17(7): 609-12.

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