If you have restless leg syndrome and all of a sudden experience severely exaggerated sexual urges, you're not taking the greatest answer to low libido. You're probably taking one of the drugs Big Pharma created to treat your problem. This drug lists an "increased libido including hypersexuality" as one of its many side effects. (One of the other side effects is "pathological gambling.")

Now I'm always interested in things that might increase libido for my patients. But this "side effect" is so strong, it could cause you serious embarrassment. In fact, the side effect is so severe, it was embarrassing the makers of the drug Requip. Since initial studies didn't find such adverse reactions, the company recently had to update their package insert for the popular drug. The side effects were creating a public relations nightmare.

But these side effects don't just fall on Requip. They're part and parcel of all drugs of the "non-ergoline dopamine agonist" class of drugs.

Mirapex is a drug used for Parkinson's disease. It, too, causes this toxicity. A major journal published that dozens of patients on Mirapex and similar drugs have developed serious gambling addictions. Hundreds of patients have contacted attorneys considering class action lawsuits for damages.

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Drugs are extremely dangerous. We may not know the true toxicity of a drug of any class
for years. You might see only one case of such a problem in five doctors' offices. How would the doctor know that there are others out there? There's no reliable way for them to attribute most any problem to a drug unless they hear about it from the drug companies or the media.

I can't emphasize this enough: Look for non-chemical alternatives to every problem. There are several ways to treat restless leg syndrome. Always clean up your diet first. Eliminate caffeine and artificial sweeteners. And don't eat any processed foods. Many of my patients find relief just by doing this.

There are reports that iron (50-65 mg daily) can help. But I don't recommend iron supplements except in very rare situations. Check with your integrative physician before taking it. Unneeded iron can be toxic. Instead, try these supplements:

There are anecdotal reports that large doses of folic acid (5-30 mg per day), and vitamin E (400-800 IU daily) might resolve restless legs. Calcium (1,000 mg), magnesium (500 mg), and potassium (300 mg) might balance your sympathetic nervous system. Take them about a half hour before you go to bed.

Homeopathic treatment with Rhus tox and and/or arsenicum album also show promise.

Finally, I've told my newsletter readers about a dental appliance that can cure restless leg syndrome. It helps calm down your nervous system due to an airway compromise. Subscribers to my newsletter can read about this in my articles on Farrand Robson, DDS of Tacoma, Wash. (available on my website
secondopinionnewsletter.com). Please try these suggestions first for restless legs before "Requipping" yourself with pharmaceuticals.

Ref: BrandWeekNRX.com August 14, 2007; Archives of Neurology, July 11, 2005.

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