In the past, I've told you about an incredible new antioxidant called Seanol. This fabulous nutrient is now one of my favorite supplements. It is one of the most power disease preventors available. And this month, I'd like to tell you about two cases that show just how effective Seanol is for fibromyalgia.

The first is Rebecca Tatum (age 48). She worked for 21 years as a busy RN. She became ill and went on total disability in June 2001. Her conventional doctors said she had fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, cervical and lumbar spine disability, cognitive impairment, and carpal tunnel syndrome with hand-tendon and joint inflammation.

But her description of how bad it was is even more telling, "My upper body is like having a Charley horse 24 hours a day. I got adrenal failure 18 months ago. It's hard to fight inflammation."

She tried acupuncture, then Motrin, and other NSAID drugs (Tylenol, aspirin, and Tramadol). Finally, Soma (a muscle relaxant used to block nerve impulses and pain sensations) and Vicodin gave her some relief. But they didn't fix her problem.

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Then she started Seanol. After just one week, she said, "I am now getting the best sleep I've ever had in my entire life. Deep and quality sleep. My healthy husband is taking it, too. And he's sleeping better as well. My cognitive function is better. It's too early to tell about the pain."

Then there's Diane (age 53) from Washington, who also suffered from fibromyalgia. Once a vigorous domestic engineer, she could scarcely take a shower or make dinner for her husband. Her mom had to drive to her house to cook for the family. Her doctors tried to convince her that she was an emotional woman and gave her mind-altering drugs. Her husband stood by her side and rebuffed the doctors.

Recent testing showed that her levels of the important neurotransmitter serotonin and HGH (growth hormone) were too low to measure. She found a rheumatologist, who provided her with conventional drugs (Celebrex and Zoloft, an antidepressant), which did help some. He also gave her a drug (Metformin) for newly onset adult diabetes. But, again, her troubles persisted.

Diane then started on the Seanol. Within four to six weeks, her serotonin and HGH became measurable. Her hemoglobin A1C, a marker for diabetic damage dropped from 6.4 to 6, even after she discontinued the diabetic drug. She finally had sound healing REM sleep. She says, "I'm still taking some drugs. But Seanol has given me back a quality of life. My ability to function has gone from 0 to seven or eight on a scale of 10. I recently rode 44 miles on a dirt bike and am happy to say that I didn't flare up. And I'm totally functional in the house."

These results are not unusual with Seanol. I'm seeing results in many patients. And you can too. 

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