Some months back, I told you how capsaicin, which is in cayenne, can kill cancer cells. But that's not all this super nutrient can do. Researchers have even used it intravenously to reverse type-1 diabetes. Now, this super nutrient can reduce inflammation caused by obesity!

Inflammation is necessary to protect you from invaders and for injury repair. But in today's world, we have too much inflammation. And, in this case, more is not better. Toxins, bad diet, lifestyle, and obesity itself raise inflammation in your body when your body doesn't need it. This can cause heart problems, cancer, and many other illnesses.

In this study, the researchers found capsaicin reduces several inflammatory pathways in fat tissue in mice. This is really good news. Visceral (abdominal) fat ratchets up inflammation in your body. This is a major cause for the increase of vascular disease and cancer in the obese.

Capsaicin reversed type-1 diabetes by knocking out inflammation in the pancreas that damaged, but did not destroy insulin release. Capsaicin could be a way to blunt the inflammatory damage caused by hard-to-lose weight. Of course, I don't recommend capsaicin over cleaning up your diet. But sometimes it's very difficult to let go of "foods" you know are no good. If that describes you, consider taking capsaicin. You can add it to the growing list of protective plant chemicals (such as resveratrol and Seanol) that can offer protection regardless of what you eat.

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You can find capsaicin at any health food store and on the Internet. It's inexpensive, easy to take, and very good for your health - even if you don't have any health problems.

"Capsaicin, a spicy component of hot peppers, modulates adipokine gene expression and protein release from obese-mouse adipose tissues and isolated adipocytes, and suppresses the inflammatory responses of adipose tissue macrophages," Kang JH, Kim CS, et al, FEBS Lett, 2007 Aug 14.

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