Soy continues to make news. Of course, there are those warning against its use, claiming interference with thyroid function, among other problems. But I continue to see good research on soy, and have promised to report both sides of the story to you.

In a new study, Japanese researchers compared 200 patients with prostate cancer to 200 controls. They found an inverse correlation between their intake of isoflavones and aglycones (genestein and daidzein) with the risk of prostate cancer. These plant chemicals are phytoestrogens. That is, they are weak estrogens that can replace more toxic carcinogenic estrogens already in your body.

The results are quite telling. If you are in the highest category for dietary intake of these chemicals (at least 89.9 mg daily) you'll have a 58% reduced risk of prostate cancer compared to the lowest intake. This remained true even after the researchers adjusted for omega fatty acids and magnesium intake. The authors concluded that isoflavones might be an effective dietary tool to reduce your risk of prostate cancer.

That's an understatement - a 58% risk reduction is huge! Soy may be a friend to both women and men seeking to lower their risk of hormone-related cancer. I like fermented soy products the best. These include miso and tempeh. Soy, miso, and tempeh are readily available. Just make sure that what you purchase is organic and not GMO "Roundup Ready" soy Frankenfood. There's a lot of GMO soy on the market.

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But I've got even more great news: There's a powerful new fermented soy drink on the market that can work wonders on cancer. The product is Haelan 951. I've seen it work in several people. In each of these cases, it virtually single-handedly reversed early cancer. It's an amazing product.

Unfortunately, it does have some problems. It's a bit pricey. And its taste is not pleasant. I have a stomach that can handle most natural substances easily. Even I found this one hard to down. However, if faced with cancer, especially a hormone-related cancer, I think that my stomach would have to forgive me. Haelan 951 is readily available from Farmacopia (800-896-1484) and on the Internet.

Ref: "Dietary Isoflavones May Protect against Prostate Cancer in Japanese Men," Nagata Y, Sonoda T, et al, J Nutr, 2007; 137(8): 1974-1979.

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