If you're over the age of 50, you may have noticed that your muscles are getting weaker. It happens to all of us, even when we follow a good exercise and weight lifting program. And it's very dangerous, as it makes you more prone to losing your balance and falling. Fortunately, there's a simple way to slow down how fast you lose that muscle strength.

Researchers recently studied 891 seniors and their selenium levels. They found that those who are low in this essential mineral have a 69% increased risk of poor hip strength. They also found that they had nearly double the risk for poor knee and grip strength compared to those who had higher levels.

This study confirms other studies that showed the same results. In fact, in China there are areas of very low selenium in the soil. People in those areas tend to age much quicker than areas where selenium is more common.

Selenium is one of my favorite nutrients. I use it with almost all of my patients. All of us have toxic heavy metal in our system. Selenium protects you from these. Here's how: Toxic metals, such as mercury and lead, bind with selenium. The selenium inactivates the metal when they bind together. However, that process costs you a selenium ion for each toxic metal ion it binds. So it's important to get plenty of selenium.

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I usually recommend 200 mcg per day. In some cases, I use up to three times that amount. There are great preparations on the market. But most high quality multivitamin/mineral formulations will have between 100-200 mcg (this includes Healthy Resolve's Max Plus
www.healthyresolve.com/maxplus, which has 200 mcg). So, if you are taking one of these and doing well, you shouldn't need more.

The one exception is if you have a lot of amalgam fillings. In these cases, you should consider an additional 200 mcg on top of your multivitamin/mineral.

Ref: Am J Clin Nutr, 2007; 86(2): 347-52.

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