Almost all of us (men and women) will get cancer at some point in our life. That's the bad news. The good news is that for most of us, the cancer remains localized. It never spreads. These cancers are harmless. So if there were a way to keep them localized, we wouldn't have to worry about dying from cancer.

Well, the great news is that a common food enables your body to do just that. It's one of my favorites: broccoli!

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) just released a prospective study on nearly 30,000 men. The researchers followed the men for 4.2 years. They found a stunning 59% reduced risk of extraprostatic (spreading) prostate cancer in those eating lots of veggies.

The greatest improvement came from those with the highest intake of cruciferous veggies. That netted a 40% reduced risk of extraprostatic prostate cancer. In particular, eating more than one serving per week of broccoli will reduce your risk of this dangerous form of cancer by 45%. That's compared to eating less than one serving per month. Similarly, eating broccoli's cruciferous cousin, cauliflower, reduces your risk by 52% as compared to eating less than one serving per month.

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This is the best news you can get. You have to eat. So there's effectively no extra cost for this treatment. And it cuts your risk of deadly prostate cancer in half. No supplements to pay for, no exercise to do, no metals to detoxify - although all of these might help you further.

Please increase your intake of this wonderful vegetable family. If you just can't, then consider the supplement DIM that I told you about a few years ago. It's a concentrate of some of the terrific phytochemicals found in broccoli. But I've always encouraged you to eat the raw food, the source, over supplements. This study is the real proof.

"Prospective Study of Fruit and Vegetable Intake and Risk of Prostate Cancer," Kirsh VA, Hayes RB, et al, J Natl Cancer Inst, 2007 July 24.

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