Remember the "Mad Hatter"? He was a character in Alice in Wonderland - the Lewis Carroll story made famous by the Walt Disney movie.

He was a funny character. But the term "Mad Hatter" has an unfortunate history. Many decades ago, workers in the hat industry treated the felt of hats with a solution containing mercury. These unsuspecting workers would lick the brushes for convenience in treating the hats, and become exposed to mercury. The poison would accumulate in their brain causing all sorts of psychological problems and often drove them literally "mad." Hence the "Mad Hatter."

So what does this have to do with your memory? Obviously, the key is mercury exposure.

You see, we've known for years that mercury amalgams are a primary source of mercury in your bloodstream. We've also known that this mercury makes its way into your brain, where it can cause Alzheimer's.

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Many of my patients are still surprised to learn that the silver colored filling in their teeth are actually more mercury than anything else. The dental profession has done a remarkable job at hiding this truth. Dentists often refer to the amalgam material as having only "a little silver," which it does indeed include. But they don't tell you about the mercury content.

What's worse, if you go to your doctor and ask him to test your blood for mercury, he likely won't find anything of concern. You see, standard blood and urine tests for mercury are of little good except in cases of acute exposure. The mercury doesn't like to stay in the blood (where we can measure it). Instead, it goes quickly into tissue cells (where we can't measure it). So your doctor won't consider mercury poisoning as a cause of your memory loss.

So what should you do? If you're noticed any memory loss at all, I recommend you find a doctor who can give you a measured injection of a compound called DMPS. This is a sulfur-bearing compound that attaches to mercury very easily. It then pulls mercury out of tissues (although NOT the brain) and carries the toxin to the kidney for elimination.

If this test reveals that you have high levels of mercury poisoning (remember, no mercury is safe), then you can be sure the mercury is at least involved in your memory loss. And you need to take steps to remove it. Since DMPS won't remove it from your brain, you've got to find a way to get rid of it. And I have just the concoction to do it. I'll tell you about it in the next Second Opinion Health Alert. Don't miss it!

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