The news about vitamin D just keeps getting better and better. I told you in my last alert how this supplement can significantly reduce your risk of getting the flu. And you may know that it works wonders for your bones. But we've now discovered that vitamin D is absolutely vital for protecting your eyesight.

Millions of people worldwide have retinal problems related to neovascularization. Neovascularization is new blood vessels that grow into the retina to bring a blood supply to starving cells. While that sounds good, it's not.

The new vessels are fragile and can break and bleed easily. That's the underlying process of diabetic retinopathy and wet macular degeneration. The latter is the leading cause of blindness worldwide. And the former is a rapidly growing problem associated with the diabetes epidemic.

Both of these eye problems are very difficult to treat. If we can simply stop their progression, we've succeeded. And vitamin D does more than just stop their progress. It actually can reduce abnormal retinal endothelial cell proliferation and neovascularization. That's just great news if you have one of these eye diseases.

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I continue to stand by my recommendation to take 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day. Take this amount in both summer and winter alike. There's no risk and the upside is outstanding, especially if you have eye problems. And if you don't have eye problems, this could keep you from ever having them.

The best vitamin D3 supplement on the market, in my opinion, is Healthy Resolve's Vitamin D3. You can order it by calling 800-728-2288.

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