We've known for some time that you can reverse congestive heart failure using a simple doctor-administered treatment. But now there's strong evidence that this same treatment will slow down and, in some cases, completely stop the progression of kidney disease.

The treatment is chelation therapy. In a new study, researchers wanted to determine the effect of chelation therapy on kidney disease. So they followed 116 non-diabetic patients with chronic kidney disease. Their creatinine levels ranged from 1.5-3.9mg/dl. Normal should be less than 1.4. While the patients had no known lead exposure, they still carried a lot of lead in their bodies (great than 60 mcg but less than 600 mcg). All of the participants had similar rates of kidney function decline prior to the treatment.

The researchers divided the subjects into two groups of 58. They gave one group calcium disodium EDTA weekly for four years or until their body lead burden fell to below 60 mcg. The control group also received IV treatment, but it was a placebo without EDTA.

The results showed that the chelation group had a dramatic slowing of their kidney function decline. Your kidneys filter blood at a rate that can be measured. When the amount they filter per minute drops, that's worrisome in kidney disease. The chelation group lost only 1.8 cc per minute (average) filtration. The controls lost 12.7 cc per minute (average). These differences are highly significant. The authors even admitted that it was chelation that was the determining factor.

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This is a startling reversal for conventional researchers. For decades, they have lambasted chelation therapy as dangerous to your kidneys. But almost none of them ever observed the treatment on patients in a clinical setting. They just drew wrong conclusions from flawed reports. But this new study shows it doesn't hurt your kidneys. In fact, it helps them - in a big way.

Why did it work so well? Lead, mercury and heavy metals accumulate in your kidneys and slowly strangle them. Chelation has the ability to grab hold of these metals and pull them through your kidneys. This, at least partially, releases the stranglehold.

Chelation can do the same for your arteries, where lead, mercury, and other metals accumulate on the inner surface (endothelial cells). There the toxins cause scarring, enzyme dysfunction, and promotion of atherosclerosis and hypertension. I'll have more on this - and how chelation can actually regenerate your heart - in the upcoming October issue of Second Opinion
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If you have mild to moderate kidney disease, find a doctor who will get the lead out of you -- literally. Even if you cannot afford IV chelation, there are great oral products on the market. One of my favorites is Essential Daily Defense from Longevity Plus (800-580-7587).

Lin-Tan, D.T., J.L. Lin, T.H. Yen, K.H. Chen, and Y.L. Huang. "Long-term outcome of repeated lead chelation therapy in progressive non-diabetic chronic kidney diseases." Nephrol Dial Transplant, 2007 June 7.

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