I've told you in the past that anyone who takes statins needs to take the nutrient CoQ10. We know it can help you avoid congestive heart failure and a heart attack. But now there's evidence that everyone needs to take at least 100 mg of CoQ10 each day. That's because if you do have a heart attack, it can help you survive it and recover from it much faster.

A new study strongly suggests that if you take CoQ10 regularly, you can limit the damage a heart attack inflicts on your heart muscle cells.

In the study, researchers gave rats 10 mg/kg of CoQ10 for three weeks. Then they induced a heart attack on the rats by tying their coronary artery. And they continued to feed them the CoQ10 for three weeks after the attack.

Usually, a heart attack will cause the heart to lose muscle, greatly weakening the organ. In this study, the rats that did not eat the CoQ10 suffered 27.8% loss of heart muscle. But those that did eat it suffered only a 16.2% loss. The supplement also reduced the typical increase in heart size from the damage.

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The researchers said the protection correlated very well with the increase in plasma levels of CoQ10 in the supplemented rats. That means there was a clear and definite connection between the CoQ10 supplementation and the reduced damage.

Action to take: CoQ10 is one of my all-time favorite nutrients. It protects your mitochondria from aging and damage. Here, it actually prevents the loss of heart muscle cells that we usually see from a heart attack. The amount used corresponds to 700 mg daily for an average man, and 500-600 mg for women. I have long recommended at least 200 mg daily to anyone with heart disease (more is definitely better, but it's an expensive supplement). And 100 mg daily for healthy individuals. My favorite brand is Healthy Resolve's CoQ10, which you can order by calling 800-728-2288.

Ref: "Chronic administration of coenzyme Q(10) limits postinfarct myocardial remodeling in rats," Kalenikova EI, Gorodetskaya EA, et al, Biochemistry, 2007; 72(3): 332-338.

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