We've known for years that hospitals are one of the most likely places to get sick. The rate of infection in hospitals is extremely high. But the situation is now much worse than ever before. In fact, your risk of catching a fatal infection in your local hospital is very high.

Overuse of penicillin to fight staph and strep infections created drug-resistant strains that can be lethal. Instead of resorting to more natural ways to treat the infections (which do not create resistant strains), Big Pharma created new and improved varieties of the wonder drug. Methicillin, an altered version of penicillin, served us for years.

But now there's an epidemic of methicillin resistant staph areus (MRSA). According to a recent study, as many as 1.2 million hospital patients per year contract it. And millions more are infected by other hospital-acquired infections. In fact, the number of staph infections is almost 10 times higher than previous estimates. And, up to 119,000 patients may be dying from the infection.

MSRA is rampant in health-care facilities. The study found that 3.4% of every 1,000 patients surveyed had active MRSA. Another 12 out of the 1,000 had colonies of the superbug. That totals 4.6%. The researchers found that 423,000 people leave hospitals with colonies of this dangerous bug. And they're capable of spreading it.

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Why is it so dangerous? The few remaining drugs that can treat the organism are highly toxic. And some strains have already overcome these potent drugs.

I've told you that the only three times in recorded history that the death rate in our country has fallen are the three times doctors went out on strike. Now you can see why. You might enter a hospital with an easily correctable problem, and leave in a coffin from an untreatable infection you contracted during your visit.

Is there hope? Actually, we've had a cure for staph since 1944. But no one is willing to use it. Instead, they want to pad the pockets of Big Pharma. If you think about it, drug-resistant infections are great for their business. As soon as the one drug doesn't work any more, they can roll out a new one at twice the price of the original.

So what is this cure? Ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy (UBI). This is an oxidation therapy that I've used for years to cure infections. Sixty years ago, clinicians, not researchers, published their extraordinary hands-on experiences with this literally miraculous therapy. Unfortunately, the advent of drugs pushed it out of vogue and it's hard to find.

However, a small New Jersey company called Energex has breathed new life into it. It has redesigned the device and presented it to the FDA for hepatitis C treatment. The FDA just doesn't understand anything that's not a chemical and moving it through the approval process is painfully slow. If approved for hepatitis C, doctors could also use it for MRSA.

Until the device is approved, you must know the location of the nearest oxidation provider. He could save your life if you happen to contract one of these infections.

Avoid hospitals at all costs. If you must visit one for any reason, make sure you've got a strong immune system. A strong immune system can resist the drugs better than anything else. So see your integrative physician for immune boosting support. If you're fortunate enough to have someone close who does UBI or ozone, get treated both before admission and after you come home. Both treatments will speed your healing and they will greatly reduce your risk for a deadly infection. You can find an oxidation doctor by contacting ACAM at

Ref: Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, 6-25-07 and published by the Chicago Tribune

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