Last week, I told you about the incredible healing abilities of the herb goldenseal. This often-overlooked herb can actually raise your HDL cholesterol over 6%. HDL is the healthy cholesterol that helps your body metabolize LDL cholesterol correctly. It can be very difficult to raise HDL levels. But there's another common herb that works even better than goldenseal. It's available everywhere. And it's cheap.

That herb is garlic. We've known for some time that garlic is great for keeping your blood free of clots. And we've even known that it can lower your bad cholesterol levels. But new research shows that it can raise your HDL levels - significantly.

In the new study, the researchers placed 150 patients with high lipids on a therapeutic diet. Then they divided the participants into three different groups. They gave the first group 400 mg of garlic (equal to one mg of allicin, a key component in garlic). They gave the second group a different aromatic herb. And they gave the third group a placebo.

The researchers followed the groups for six weeks. The garlic group's cholesterol dropped 12.1%. Their LDL cholesterol dropped 17.3%, and their hard-to-raise HDL cholesterol rose by a whopping 15.7%. The aromatic herb and placebo groups did not have any favorable changes.

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Unfortunately, you don't see government and Big Pharma calling for the entire population to take garlic supplements as they do with statins. Yet the results are telling. You just don't need a statin drug. Garlic is cheap and highly effective. Between Healthy Resolve's Advanced Cholesterol Formula, garlic, red yeast rice, Seanol, goldenseal, and fiber, you have the ability to lower your LDL cholesterol, raise your HDL cholesterol, and even improve your overall health without any side effects.

Ref: Kojuri J, Akrami M, et al. "Effects of anethum graveolens and garlic on lipid profile in hyperlipidemic patients," Lipids Health Dis, 2007 Mar 1.

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