This Powerful Pain Cure Also Stops Infections

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD

November 7, 2022


People around the world are concerned about infections. What people don’t realize is that there’s a cure for just about any infection you might get.

This includes bacterial infections, fungal infections, and even viral infections.

What’s more, this treatment also heals painful joints. And doctors have found that you can use it for virtually any disease that the body is having difficulty healing.

What is this treatment? Long-time readers of my articles know it is ozone therapy. To put it briefly, ozone therapy is one of those things that is almost too good to believe. It uses a form of pure high-powered oxygen (medical-grade ozone) that stimulates the body’s innate healing responses.

I first learned about ozone on a trip to Heidelberg, Germany in the early 1980s. Doctors all over Germany were using it – private doctors, specialists, and even university doctors.

So I took the course, learned how it works, and how to safely use it. It changed my life and the lives of my patients – forever.

Many of my patients with heart disease, diabetes, infections, allergies, and auto-immune diseases saw amazing results. And then a wonderful series of events happened which led me to a groundbreaking discovery. This discovery was so amazing that 30 years later, it’s changing the way many doctors treat pain and musculo-skeletal injuries. It started with an arthritic knee.

I learned in Germany that one effective way to help patients with rheumatoid arthritis was to inject their knees with ozone. Then, one day, a woman came to the clinic with a severely damaged arthritic knee. Her doctors told her that she needed a total knee replacement. But due to her heart condition, no one would operate.

Other than take pain pills, which really didn’t work very well, there was nothing left for her to do but limp. I’ll never forget her. She told me that her next-door neighbor had sent her to me. I had injected both of her neighbor’s knees with ozone and she was much better. So this lady wanted the same treatment. But there was a problem.

Her neighbor had knee pain from rheumatoid arthritis. This lady’s pain came from osteoarthritis. These are two completely different conditions. I explained to her that as far as I knew, ozone therapy would not help her. I learned in Germany that ozone was effective for rheumatoid conditions. But no one ever mentioned using it for degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis.

Then she asked, “Well okay. It might not work, but will it make me worse?”

I said I was sure that it was safe in the doses I used and that it would certainly not make her worse.

Her response was, “So let’s try it. I won’t hold it against you if it doesn’t work.” So that’s what I did.

Two weeks later she came in to see me for her follow up appointment. She had a great big smile on her face. Her pain was 80% gone. She had stopped all of her pain medication. And she was walking much better.

After that I start injecting ozone into just about any area of the body that hurt. Time after time I found out that it worked great. Later on, I discovered that adding other ingredients to the mix, such as procaine, methyl B12, folic acid, B6, and glucose, improved the results even more.

I called the procedure Prolozone® Therapy.

Since then, I’ve used ozone-based protocols to treat everything from multiple sclerosis (MS) to chronic Lyme disease. The results for these very complex diseases have been nothing short of astounding.

Dentists now use ozone to protect their patients against some of the hazards and complications of root canals. Doctors use ozone to save patients from liver transplants, and the latest in veterinary use of ozone for previously lethal diseases in our pets.

You can learn more about how ozone can help you by visiting the website of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy at


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