If you take coumadin, you probably already know that it blocks vitamin K activity in your body. But you may not know that it can also cause osteoporosis.

The reason? Vitamin K is essential for putting calcium in your bones. And a new study shows that when you don't have enough vitamin K, such as when you take coumadin, it damages your bones.

Researchers followed 325 apparently healthy women for three years. None of them had osteoporosis. They gave the women a synthetic K2 vitamin daily. Then they tested the women's bone mineral density at their hip. That's the most common and dangerous site of fracture from calcium loss. They found that the supplement completely preserves hipbone strength for over the three years!

This study used a synthetic form of vitamin K2 (called MK-4). Research has shown that MK-4 doesn't stay in the body more than a few hours. Compare that to natural vitamin K-2 (MK-7), which stays in the body for 30 times longer. The natural form is far superior!

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MK-7 is the form of vitamin K2 found in Japanese fermented soybeans, called natto. I reported on this amazing stuff to you in my
newsletter. Whole food is always the best source of nutrients. If you have access to natto, and don't mind the smell, I believe it is one of the healthiest foods you can eat.

If you have bone mineral loss, or arteriosclerosis, a good alternative would be to take natural vitamin K-2 (45 mcg per day). This dose appears to provide the optimal level of vitamin K activity. And what about coumadin? I've reported in the past that those who take coumadin should take vitamin K, even though most doctors disagree. You can read more about this on my
website (these articles are free to my newsletter subscribers, the user ID and password are in your print letter). If you don't, you might be asking for osteoporosis.

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