Why testosterone therapy may not cure your EDS

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD

March 28, 2022


Many men come to see me because they believe their erectile dysfunction syndrome (EDS) problem is the result of a testosterone deficiency.

But most of them never get any better after taking the hormone.


The authors of the study found a group of men who had EDS and who had a poor response to the various drugs (i.e., Viagra and Cialis). This is actually quite common. Roughly 50% of men do not respond to the drugs.

The researchers used a combination of ultrasound and angiography to examine the circulation that the men had to their penis.

Out of this group, they found 30 men who had atherosclerotic plaques in their internal pudendal arteries. This is the artery that supplies the blood needed for an erection. They implanted stents into these areas of plaque to open up the circulation.

Here’s what happened:

Ultrasound studies showed an improvement in the circulation in all the men. And there was a general improvement in erectile function.

So if you have this problem, should you run right out and have the stents placed? I don’t think so. Stents are often not any kind of a long-term solution.

In fact, in this group, 34% of the stents failed after only six months. But the study does strongly emphasize the importance of circulation in cases of erectile dysfunction. Think about this.

All of these men were over 60. In that age bracket, there is sure to be some significant atherosclerosis. So why do older guys have EDS and younger men don’t?

It might be circulation more than hormones. Or, of course, it might be both.

So if you are one of those men who are over the age of 60 and don’t respond to the drugs, think about your circulation. Consider having a course of chelation therapy to improve it.

I have long advocated that every man and woman over the age of 65 should have a di-sodium EDTA chelation IV every week for 20 weeks followed by one every month for the rest of their lives. This will dramatically reduce your chance of heart disease and strokes. And in many cases it would prevent and treat EDS.

And don’t forget that chelation is much more powerful when combined with testosterone and regular, vigorous exercise. Read my book, Bursting With Energy, for more details on this connection.


Rogers JH, Goldstein I, Kandzari DE, Zotarolimus-Eluting Peripheral Stents for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in Subjects With Suboptimal Response to Phosphodiesterase-5 Inhibitors J Am Coll Cardiol. 012;():. doi:10.1016/ j.jacc.2012.08.1016.

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