COVID-19/flu treatment and prevention

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD

January 31, 2022


I recently updated my COVID protocol because of new information and our clinical experience.

This protocol is highly effective for COVID and any upper respiratory infection. We have treated hundreds of patients with COVID-19 infections, but we haven’t lost one.

This includes very elderly patients with multiple medical problems and on multiple medications.

Not long ago I reported on Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, one of the smartest and most respected internationally acclaimed physicians. His opinion is the same as mine.

The reason we have seen so much death from COVID-19 infections is because Big Pharma and their paid lackies (the politicians) haven’t let doctors treat the disease. Instead, they have prevented doctors from doing what they are sworn to do. These deaths are on their heads.

Doctors can cure COVID. We just have to let them do their job. Our experience proves this. There is no need for a vaccine when we can cure it.

Here is my new protocol. Please pass it on to all you know and love. The old protocol was good and worked well. This one is better.


1. Super Immune QuickStart – one scoop per day
2. K-Force Vitamin D – take 1 per day
3. Vitamin A (25,000 IU) – take 1 per week.
4. Melatonin (60 mg) – take 1 at bedtime
5. Quercetin (300 mg) – take 1 per day

At-Home Treatment:

Have on hand and use the following if you actually start getting some COVID or flu symptoms while you continue the above. You can get this from our clinic store:

1. Quercetin (300 mg) – increase to 1 three times daily

2. Vitamin D (50,000 units) – take 1 per day until symptoms are gone

3. Aspirin (81 mg) – take 1 three times daily unless you are already on blood thinners. SARS-Cov-2 creates clots. The aspirin prevents that.

4. NAC (n-acetyl cysteine) 600 mg – take 2 three times daily.

5. A nebulizer with my special hydrogen peroxide solution. Put 3 cc of the special hydrogen peroxide solution into the nebulizer and breathe this every waking hour for the first two days. Once it is obvious that you are getting over the infection, you can decrease to 4 times daily until you are over the infection. Call our clinic to order these.  You can also make your own solution by buying 12% hydrogen peroxide and normal saline online and adding 5 cc of the peroxide to 100 cc of saline.

6. Vitamin C (1,000 mg capsules) – Take 1 four times daily.

7. Rest and fluids

8. Zinc acetate lozenges – take 1 every 2 waking hours until you are over the infection.

9. Hydrocortisone (20 mg) – This is a prescription that you will have to get from your doctor. Take 1 every morning.

Clinic Treatment

If you have an immune deficiency, are on immune suppressive medications, or if you are not much better after two days, see a doctor for Ivermectin (1-2 mg per 10 pounds of body weight) and MAH ozone therapy followed by 25 grams of IV vitamin C on 2-3 consecutive days. Continue the above between these IVs. You can find doctors trained in this technique at and

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