What to do if you need this cancer treatment

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD

June 7, 2021


Jack was having a lot of problems. And no one was helping. And that’s bad enough.

Jack was 83 years old. And at that age anything that goes wrong can be a big problem. He had seen all the specialists, and the only thing that could be done for him was medications for the symptoms.

No one knew how to cure the problem. Jack was typical of many of the patients I see.

He had been seeing blood in his urine every day for four months. His bladder hurt all the time and he constantly felt like he had to urinate. This kept him up through the night. He was fatigued, weak, and depressed.

The doctors knew what was wrong. They just did not know what to do about it.

Jack had “late radiation cystitis.” When he told me what the diagnosis was, I had to look it up. I had never treated a case before. The word cystitis refers to an inflammation of the bladder. So radiation cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder that results from radiation therapy to the pelvic area.

About four years before, Jack’s doctor had given him radiation therapy for prostate cancer. He had some irritation at first, but that disappeared after a few weeks and he thought he had seen the last of it. But now it had returned.

When I researched it further, I found out more. Radiation to the pelvic area for uterine or prostate tumors often irritates the bladder as a side effect. But usually the problem is minor and goes away after a few weeks, just like Jack’s did.

But then there’s “late radiation cystitis.” Late radiation cystitis can happen anywhere from six months to 20 years after radiation therapy.

The first symptom is usually blood in the urine. The bleeding can be minor, as it was with Jack, or it can be severe and life threatening. The other symptoms stem from inflammation and irritation of the bladder tissue.

There are several conventional treatments used for the symptoms, but none of them are particularly effective. This is why Jack’s doctors told him the best thing was just to take pain meds.

But Jack didn’t come to see me for drugs. He wanted something that could heal the damaged tissue in his bladder.

How to Heal Damaged Tissue

The first thing I think of when I think about healing damaged tissue is ozone.

I have been injecting ozone into damaged joints, muscles, and tendons for years. I have applied it on wounds, burns, poisonous insect bites, and into inflamed and bleeding intestines. The results are always the same. It stimulates healing in areas that previously wouldn’t heal. It does it through the power of oxygen.

Ozone consists of three oxygen atoms. Regular oxygen has only two oxygen atoms. This makes ozone a much more reactive form of oxygen than regular oxygen.

In fact, if you inject regular oxygen into damaged tissues, nothing will happen because it is not reactive enough to stimulate the healing in these difficult situations. But ozone is another matter.

Plus, I had one more good reason to suspect that ozone would help Jack.

Ozone Works for Another Bladder Problem

Interstitial cystitis is another chronic bladder disease that is very similar to radiation cystitis. And just like with Jack’s condition (according to conventional thinking), interstitial cystitis has no known cure.

However, a few years ago, I presented a paper to the American Academy of Ozonotherapy on 28 patients with long-term severe cases of interstitial cystitis. Of these, 27 of them were completely cured within four weeks with injections of ozone into their bladders. The process is simple and safe and is described in my book The Principles and Applications of Ozone Therapy (available at Amazon.com).

So I began injecting Jack’s bladder with ozone using the same protocol that I had been using for interstitial cystitis. After two treatments, he was starting to sleep much better. And after seven treatments, he appeared to be cured. No symptoms at all.

But did it last? About six months after the last bladder treatment, I saw Jack for another problem. He was still symptom free. But the story about radiation damage and ozone doesn’t end here.

Treating Other Radiation Damage

I had seen another patient who had just undergone radiation therapy for cancers in his hip bones. Besides killing back the cancer areas, the radiation also caused collateral damage to his colon and rectum.

The side effects were abdominal pains and watery diarrhea, about six to seven times per day. And this was despite taking anti-diarrheal medications all day long. My patient could not leave the house because when the urge came it was sudden and persuasive.

I asked him how long the doctors expected him to have symptoms. He told me that they said somewhere between two to six months. Once again, I have never treated a case like this before. But I’ll give you one guess as to what I did.

We started giving him ozone gas directly into the rectum and colon. Each day his symptoms improved. After the fifth treatment, he was off all medication. And after the seventh treatment, he was completely free of his symptoms. Once again, the power of oxygen to heal damaged tissues and organs is amazing.

Sometimes patients need radiation therapy to relieve pain and to treat particular cancers. For some cancers, radiation therapy is just about the only thing that will work.

By developing more pin-point radiation techniques, doctors are getting better at decreasing the extent of the kind of collateral damage that these two patients had. But the fact is that the side effects of radiation therapy are still very much with us.

If you need radiation therapy find a doctor who is trained in the use of ozone therapy to work with. You can find one by going to the American Academy of Ozonotherapy website at www.aaot.us.


Smit, S.G. and C.F. Heyns. “Management of radiation cystitis. Radiation cystitis and proctitis,” Nat Rev Urol. 2010 April;7(4):206-14.

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