The most relaxing way to lower blood pressure by nearly 10%

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD

May 24, 2021


It’s no secret that stress causes high blood pressure. But instead of dealing with stress, most doctors just give their patients with high blood pressure a prescription.

But what if I told you it’s possible to lower your blood pressure by 10% without a prescription – and without taking any vitamins or changing your diet?

In fact, this treatment is so effective, a recent study found that its effects last much longer than the effects of most pills.

What can possibly do this?

In this study, the researchers followed 50 women who had prehypertension. Prehypertension is when the systolic blood pressure is between 130-140 and the diastolic is between 80-90.

People with prehypertension are much more likely to get high blood pressure than those with lower blood pressures.

Instead of giving the participants a pill, they did something very relaxing.
They had half of the women relax on a massage table for 10-15 minutes. The researchers had massage therapists give them a Swedish massage on their face, neck, shoulders, and chest.

But the researchers had the other half also relax on a massage table for the same amount of time. However, they didn’t give them the massage.

This went on every 48-72 hours for 10 sessions. The researchers measured their blood pressures before, immediately after, and 72 hours after each massage.

The Results Were Amazing

The massage group saw their systolic blood pressures decrease by 9%. The blood pressures in the non-massage group did not change.

This is really significant. In most blood pressure studies on alternative therapies, the decrease is half that much.

The other fascinating thing is that the blood pressure decreases stayed in place even at the 72 hour mark. That’s much longer than any pill I’ve ever seen. Most pills last only for a 12-24 hours. So the effect of the massage was a lasting one.

How hard can it be? If your doctor tells you your blood pressure is starting to get up there, try a 10-minute massage and see if it doesn’t come down.


Givi, M. “Durability of effect of massage therapy on blood pressure.” Int J Prev Med. 2013 May;4(5):511-6.

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