You read in one of last week's health alerts that vitamin A can greatly reduce your risk of macular degeneration. But that's not all this fabulous vitamin can do. I've used it for years to prevent and fight cancer.

In fact, I've seen it reverse abnormal cellular changes - the beginning stage of cancer - before they progressed to cancer. In spite of this, conventional medicine is scared to death of vitamin A. It's true that it can cause toxicity at extremely high doses. But this is completely reversible. So there's no need to fear the supplement. And science has proven this.

Swedish researchers followed over 81,000 men and women and proved what I've known for years. They found that you can reduce your risk of stomach cancer by 47% if you have a lot of vitamin A in your diet.

But this wasn't the first time these researchers had these results. A few years back, they did another study that had similar findings. A diet full of carotenoid-rich, green leafy vegetables and roots reduces your risk of stomach cancer by at least 35% - and by as much as 57%.

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Stomach cancer is the 4th most common cancer in the world. By the time it's detected, it's usually far too late to do much about it. But you can cut your risk in half just by eating a diet rich in vitamin A. You can find the beneficial vitamin A compounds in colored root and leafy green vegetables. Please make a diet like this your number one cancer fighter. Tests that find cancer after the fact are usually too late.

You can also take high doses (up to 25,000 IU daily) of vitamin A by supplement. While they won't do away with the effects of a bad diet, they can help make up for any deficiency you may have developed.

Ref: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, February 2007, volume 85, number 2, Pages 497-503; Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention, vol. 15, pp. 1998-2001.

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