Several years ago, I told you that vitamin C (500 mg), vitamin E (400 IU), beta-carotene (15 mg), zinc (80 mg), and copper (2 mg) all work amazingly well to slow the progression of macular degeneration. A John Hopkins study showed that they reduce the disease's progression by 25% and reduced vision loss by 19%. I've been using this combination in my patients for more than 10 years. In fact, I devised intravenous therapies using them. And then I designed an oral supplement with my ophthalmologist sister. And we saw some amazing results. My dad, who has suffered from macular degeneration for years, was able to slow the degeneration considerably. While he eventually lost most of his sight, he didn't start the supplements until the disease had already progressed. If you begin using the supplements before the disease takes hold, you may never have to suffer from blindness. And I've discovered something that can help even more. While beta-carotene

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is a great supplement, my patients have responded far better to vitamin A. Unfortunately, vitamin A has a bad reputation, because extremely high doses can cause toxicity. But that toxicity is completely reversible simply by stopping the high doses. Still, you won't find many supplements with high doses of vitamin A. Beta-carotene is used instead, since the body can convert it to vitamin A on demand. However, it's vitamin A, not beta-carotene, that's critical for preserving and protecting your retina. I believe Americans are not getting an optimal amount. Your body may not convert an "ideal" amount from beta-carotene. So if you have absolutely no risk of pregnancy (where too much vitamin A can be harmful) an extra 25,000 units every day could provide super protection with minimal risk. I especially recommend this for anyone with confirmed macular degeneration. If you do use this amount of vitamin A, be sure to also take at least 4,000-8,000 IU of vitamin D daily. There are reports that vitamin A can interfere with some functions of vitamin D. Ref: Archives of Ophthalmology, November 2003.

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