The Miracle Cure for Many Cases of Chronic Illness

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD

July 27, 2020



Let me tell you about two patients I treated a few years ago that have something very interesting in common.

Each of them has a different disorder. And in each case, the symptoms are serious, dangerous, and have been unresponsive to any previous therapy.

But here’s the thing. Both of these people dramatically responded to what may be a major advance in the treatment of every degenerative disease there is. What’s this advance?

It’s a supplement. One that’s been on the market only for a few years, but has a lot of basic research behind it. This supplement is so powerful, the responses these two patients had, as marvelous as they were, may be just the tip of the iceberg.

Patient one is Ron. I have known Ron for years. He is 57 years old. About eight years ago, he developed insulin dependent diabetes. He controls his diabetes very well, and he feels great.

However, diabetics are particularly prone to heart disease. So five years ago he started to have angina pains when he would do only minimal activity.

Ron went to the heart docs, and they did an angiogram. They immediately told him that he needed to have heart surgery.

He asked me what to do. I told him that in my book, unless angina cannot be controlled by medications and/or supplements and hormones, the studies show that there is no need for any aggressive intervention.

So Ron respectively declined the offer for surgery. Instead, he began a course of disodium EDTA chelation IVs, along with a protocol of supplements geared to improving his heart function.

As expected, within a matter of two months, Ron’s angina had all but gone. He had it only when he exercised intensely or did something really strenuous like chopping wood.

Three months later, things were even better. He was able to exercise without pain, and his treadmill test was normal. I pronounced him officially cured.

But He Wasn’t Quite Cured

Even though he was getting through his entire day, including the exercise protocol I had placed him on, without ever having angina, he still had one persistent symptom.

Whenever he exercised in the cold (and there’s lots of cold in northern Nevada in the winter), he would still experience angina. No matter what we did, we could not eliminate this symptom.

Then one day, I found out about this new supplement.

I started Ron on the supplement, and within one month he reported back that his body was requiring much less insulin. That had to be because his cells were becoming much more sensitive to insulin. Now that in itself was significant.

Ron was already on a strict diet and a “who’s who” list of cardiac supplements. In spite of his healthy lifestyle, this new supplement was able to even further improve his diabetes. But that was not all.

Remember that angina pain that he had been having for several years that just would not go away? It disappeared! It was completely gone after only one month of this new supplement.

And several months after it disappeared, it was still gone. Angina cured and diabetes improved in 30 days after taking two capsules of a natural supplement. Not bad.

Wait Until You Hear About Patient Number Two

The second patient was in an entirely different situation. Elaine is a professor of pharmacology at a major university. Her doctor diagnosed her with Parkinson’s disease in 2009. He put her on L-dopa drugs. They helped for a while.

But after about a year, in spite of her doctor constantly increasing the dosage, her symptoms were getting worse. She could not stand for more than two seconds without falling over. She could not dress herself, or even comb her hair. And it was becoming harder and harder for her to feed herself.

She was running out of options, and her outlook was starting to look very bleak.

And then Elaine began taking this new supplement, one capsule in the morning, and another at night. Within 30 days, her improvement was significant. And three months later, her symptoms had essentially disappeared!

This result is astounding! Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disease. It’s not supposed to get better from a supplement. Of course, Elaine’s case is only a case of one, but what a remarkable case it is.

So What in the World Is This New Supplement?

The supplement is oxaloacetate. It is one of the components of the Citric Acid Cycle.

The Citric Acid Cycle, also known as the Kreb’s Cycle after the man who first discovered it, is a series of biochemical reactions that happens in the mitochondria and is critical for the formation of energy.

This cycle processes fat and carbohydrate into citric acid and, as a result, it extracts hydrogen atoms. These hydrogen atoms are then reacted with oxygen in another part of the mitochondria to produce water (H2O=2 hydrogens plus 1 oxygen), the heat that keeps us warm, and the energy that keeps us alive.

All diseases associated with aging, as well as even the aging process itself, have some connection with a decrease in the activity of the Citric Acid Cycle.

One of the reactions that happens in the Citric Acid Cycle is that oxaloacetate converts to another component – malate. But here’s the important thing. When this conversion happens, the Cycle converts the substance NADH (reduced nicatinamide adenine dinucleotide) to NAD (nicatinamide adenine dinucleotide).

I understand that discussing this particular conversion might not get you overly warm and fuzzy. But it should. Here’s why.

As the Cycle converts NADH to NAD, there is less NADH and more NAD. So that the ratio of NAD to NADH (NAD/NADH ratio) increases. If you have read my book The Ozone Miracle, you already know that a decrease in this ratio is at the root of every chronic disease there is. Yes, every chronic disease, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and even Parkinson’s. So anything that increases the ratio strikes a hard blow to degenerative disease. Ozone therapy does this.

Exercise also does this. Calorie restriction, which is the only universally agreed upon way to increase longevity and decrease degenerative disease, does it. And so does oxaloacetate!

How Effective Is Oxaloacetate?

In one particular experiment published all the way back in 1968, exposing cells to oxaloacetate increased the NAD/NADH ratio 900%! The same experiment showed that because vitamin C assists in the ability of oxaloacetate to get into the mitochondria, the increase in the ratio improves further in the presence of additional vitamin C.

The supplement that Ron and Elaine took is called benaGene. It contains oxaloacetate and vitamin C. Here’s what I think is happening.

Behind every case of degenerative disease is a host of various factors. In the case of Ron’s heart disease, you have the effect of atherosclerotic plaque in the arteries blocking the circulation to the heart. In Elaine’s case, there is damage to the dopamine-producing cells in the substantia nigra section of the brain.

Both of these patients were doing the best they could to control their symptoms. Ron had taken the natural route. Elaine had taken the pharmaceutical route. But despite their best efforts, they were not completely responding. Why?

For the same reason that many patients with chronic conditions don’t respond. The underlying major cause of chronic disease is a decrease in that NAD/NADH ratio, and none of their treatments had completely corrected that. Along comes oxaloacetate and, bingo, that’s all they needed.

Will Oxaloacetate Work for You?

Now do I think that everyone is going to have the same kind of success that these two patients have had? Unfortunatly, no.

That’s for two very important reasons. First, they were both on therapy already. Without the therapy they were on, they might have had no response to oxaloacetate at all.

Second, everyone is different. There’s going to be some people out there who will have a dramatic improvement in their NAD/NADH ratio with oxaloacetate, and others who won’t.

But here’s the wonderful thing about natural therapies like oxaloacetate. Unlike drugs, there are no side effects. So it can’t hurt to give it a try. You can bet that I will be using benaGene in all my chronic disease patients who are not responding to the usual mantra of diet, exercise, hormones, detoxification, and stress reduction. And I fully expect to be reporting back to you many more stories like these two.

In the meanwhile, feel free to try benaGene for yourself. The instructions are to take two capsules per day after lunch. And please let me know what your experiences are. I am very excited about this product, and am in the process of producing clinical research on it. You can learn more about beneGene and order it at You can also buy it at 405-594-1010.


Cash, A.B. “Modification of the NAD/NADH ratio via oxaloacetate supplementation to mimic calorie restriction metabolic pathways and increase lifespan.” Anti-Aging Therapeutics, vol 12, published by A4M Publications 1510 W. Montana Street, Chicago, IL, USA 60614. p43-51.

Haslam, J.M. and H.A. Krebs. “The permeability of mitochondria to oxaloacetate and malate.” Biochem J., 1968 May;107(5):659-67.

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