What to Do if You Test Positive for Hepatitis C

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD

March 30, 2020



The media is giving alternative medicine a hard time right now because of their so-called “quack cures” for viruses. Modern medicine doesn’t have much to offer people who have a viral infection. So the media thinks nothing works.

But viruses do respond to certain treatments. For instance, one virus – the hepatitis C virus – responds incredibly well to one of my favorite treatments. Let me show you just how well it works – and why every virus I’ve used it on responds the same way.

If you have certain lab tests done, your doctor may see that you have a positive hepatitis C test. It’s common for this to happen. But it’s important to remember that a positive test doesn’t mean that you have hepatitis. It just means you’re a carrier for the virus.

About 30% of carriers go on to develop hepatitis, but 70% never have a problem. Similar numbers occur for a lot of viruses. For those who do develop hepatitis from the virus, the majority of them can either reverse the hepatitis or at the very least halt it from progressing. But before I tell you how, we need to understand the hepatitis C virus.

Why Your Immune System Is Part of the Problem

The reason that the hepatitis C virus causes hepatitis in the first place is because it causes the immune system to release toxic oxidant substances in the liver as part of the viral killing mechanism. While these oxidant substances kill the virus, they also injure the liver tissue. This is what causes the inflammation that we call hepatitis. If you neutralize the oxidant substances, you will stop this process. More importantly, you will never develop hepatitis even though you have the virus.

Everybody wants to get rid of the virus. But you can't. Every virus that has ever infected you is still in your body. This includes measles, chicken pox, and every cold and flu case you have ever had. The coronavirus, if you contract it, is no exception.

These viruses are all still present in your body. But they aren’t causing problems because your immune system is controlling them. And, if it’s doing its job, you will never again have a problem with that virus. This is why checking the level of hepatitis virus (or any other virus for that matter) in the bloodstream is so meaningless. It can’t predict how a patient will do.

People with low virus counts can go on to have a lot of inflammation and seriously damage their livers. While those with a much higher count, may never have one single problem. I never check viral levels in my hepatitis C positive patients, even if they do have hepatitis. It’s not how much virus is present that’s the problem.

It is how well the liver is holding up to the toxic assault of the immune system. And the best way to predict that is with the liver function tests.

I never ever recommend that my hepatitis C positive patients get interferon treatments, even if they have a bad case of hepatitis. Interferon treatments are deadly and never necessary. Instead, I recommend other steps. These start with strictly avoiding alcohol, eating a low-carbohydrate, high-fiber diet, and taking a potent multivitamin, such as Super Immune QuickStart.

But that’s not all. My favorite treatment works wonders on hepatitis C patients.

Why Ozone Therapy Is So Effective for Hepatitis C

For many years, I have been shouting it from the rooftops — ozone therapy completely controls hepatitis C.

As long as ozone therapy is around, there is no excuse for anyone ever dying from this infection. Take Mark’s case, for instance. Mark showed up at my doorstep about five weeks away from a hepatic coma caused by hepatitis C. He had suffered through the conventional antiviral treatments, but he had to stop because they just about killed him.

Today, Mark is alive and well, working full time, and completely healthy. And the primary treatment that cured him was ozone therapy. But this is no isolated case.

At the international ozone conference I spoke at in Madrid, Spain several years ago, there were two presenters there that also discussed ozone therapy for hepatitis C. One was Prof. Nabil Mawsouf, MD. Dr. Mawsouf is the president of the Egyptian Ozone Therapy Society. Dr. Mawsouf has been using a form of ozone therapy called MAH (major autohemotherapy) to successfully treat hepatitis C. He presented his fantastic results.

Another researcher, Prof. Gregorio Martinez Sanchez has been doing the same thing in Cuba. Only instead of using MAH treatments, Dr. Sanchez uses ozone enemas. When ozone gas is introduced into the colon, it goes straight to the liver. We have known this fact for almost half a century. And that’s why it fights hepatitis C so effectively.

Many people have guessed that ozone works in hepatitis because it kills the hepatitis virus. But I don’t think this is really what happens. I have been teaching that ozone works more as an immune system stimulator than as an anti-viral. This makes sense because conventional medicine is very effective at killing the virus, yet it often fails to control the course of hepatitis C.

This Study Reveals the Truth

A study released several years ago in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals why I might be right, and why ozone therapy is so effective.

The researchers at the Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris looked at 10 patients with hepatitis C. All of these patients had a particular complication of hepatitis C called mixed cryoglobulinemic vasculitis. None of them were responding to the standard antiviral therapy. The average age was 58 years.

Mixed cryoglobulinemic vasculitis is an autoimmune disease found in certain cases of hepatitis C. The cause is an excessive amount of proteins called cryoglobulins. These create an inflammation of the blood vessels (vasculitis). This is a very serious problem because the inflammation leads to cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, and liver failure.

We don’t know the exact reason these cryoglobulins become so elevated. But one thing we do know is that having too many cryoglobulins is not good. They act to cause the immune system to overreact. They do this by suppressing special immune system control cells called T-suppressor cells. And when the immune system overreacts, the result is often an auto-immune disease.

The researchers also knew about a cellular messenger called interleukin-2 (Il-2). Immune cells produce Il-2. Il-2 has the opposite effect of cryoglobulins. It increases the function and number of T-suppressor cells. Perhaps the reason certain patients with hepatitis C develop cryoglobulinemia vasculitis while most don’t is because their immune cells can’t produce enough Il-2. So, with this in mind, the researchers set out to discover if it was possible to improve these patients by giving them a pharmaceutical version of Il-2.

They gave each one of these patients 1.5 million units of Il-2 every day for five days. Then they followed this with 3 million units, five days per week for another nine weeks. Sure enough, at the end of the ninth week, the percentage of T-suppressor cells almost tripled from 3.6% to 11.8%. But that’s not all.

Along with the increase in T-suppressor cell numbers, nine of the patients also had a reduction in their levels of cryoglobulins. And eight of these saw a significant improvement in their vasculitis. Furthermore, there was an overall reduction in several laboratory indicators of inflammation and free radical stress. Now here’s why all of this is so important to doctors using ozone to treat hepatitis C.

Double the Strength of Your Immune System

Dr. Velio Bocci, MD of Sienna, Italy is one of the world’s most prolific researchers into the effects of cellular messengers like Il-2. About 15 years ago, Dr. Bocci demonstrated that when you expose immune cells to the correct concentration of ozone, it stimulates them to produce twice the amount of Il-2 than they ordinarily would. Dr. Bocci also was able to show that when you return these treated blood cells to the body, they circulated through the body and stimulate other immune cells to increase their output of Il-2. But that’s exactly what doctors do when they administer ozone therapy to their patients in the process called MAH.

First, they remove 100-200 cc of blood from the patient. Next, they expose the immune cells in the blood to ozone. Then they re-infuse the treated cells back into the patient. The result is a significant increase in the amount of Il-2 the patient produces. And now, thanks to these Parisian researchers, we have a much better idea of what that extra Il-2 is capable of doing. And a better idea of why ozone therapy works so well for even the worst hepatitis C cases.

So if you have hepatitis C, find a doctor who uses ozone. He can help you cure your hepatitis C once and for all. You can find a doctor near you at www.oxygenhealingtherapies.com.

And for more information on how ozone is used in MAH please read my new book, The Principles and Applications of Ozone Therapy, available at www.amazon.com.


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