What if I told you there's an easy way to cut your risk of dementia by 47%? And what if I also told you that the way to cut your risk this much is very easy to find? In fact, it's probably already in your home. Would you be interested?

I've pushed omega-3 fatty acids for years. And they're still one of my favorite supplements. But there's a particular omega-3 that's especially good for your brain. Its scientific name is Docosahexaenoic acid. But you probably know it as DHA.

DHA is a common fatty acid. If you've seen baby formula packaging, you've undoubtedly seen it promoted heavily. That's because DHA is wonderful for the development of a baby's brain. And now there's evidence that it's just as good for maintaining a healthy brain.

Researchers for the prestigious and long-standing Framingham study found that simply ingesting DHA can reduce your risk of dementia by a stunning percentage. The researchers found that the amount of DHA in your blood plasma predicts the occurrence of dementia independent of other major risk factors. Just 2.7 servings of omega-3 rich fish or approximately 180 mg daily or more of fish oil did the trick.

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Those with the highest levels of DHA in their blood had an incredible 47% reduced risk compared to those with lower levels. To make sure you're in the group with the highest levels, all you have to do is eat three servings of fish per week - or take 180 mg of DHA per day. That's about how much you'll find in one capsule of many high-quality fish oil supplements.

And DHA doesn't just prevent dementia. It can help treat it, too. A study on 30 subjects used a supplement containing 640-800 mg per day of an omega-3 oil containing 15% DHA. Eighteen of the 30 improved cognitive performance over six months.

DHA is a fatty acid that's essential for your brain, mental, and visual function. It's the primary structural fatty acid in the gray matter of your brain. Nerve signals are highly dependent on abundant DHA.

You can find excellent sources of DHA at any health food stores. My favorite brand is carried by Healthy Resolve and is part of its Max Plus multivitamin. You can read more about it here www.healthyresolve.com/maxplus.

Ref: Am J Clin Nutr, 2006; 83 (suppl).

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