How to Protect Yourself From the Swine Flu – Or Any Other Flu

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD

June 3, 2019



In case you’ve missed the news, there’s an American who is stranded in Italy because of the swine flu. Stan Thomas and his wife, Robin, flew to Florence, Italy to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. While there, Stan became ill and was taken to a hospital. Stan developed pneumonia caused by H1N1, also known as the swine flu. His wife wants to fly him home, but their insurance carrier thinks they’re fine in Italy.

While dealing with insurance is never fun, it’s better to completely avoid the flu in the first place – even this time of year. We haven’t seen the swine flu in a few years, but it’s always a matter of when we’ll see it again, not if. So how can you avoid getting the swine flu (or any flu) whether you’re traveling or staying home? Here’s how.

There are two things you can expect from any viral epidemic. One, the drug companies will make a vaccine for it. And two, the vaccine might be more dangerous than the virus it is supposed to protect us from. In the last swine flu epidemic, more people died from the vaccine than died from the swine flu. So what should you do when you hear about the “new impending epidemic” of swine flu? Should you treat it like the “impending epidemic” of SARS or the “impending epidemic” of the bird flu, and just ignore it as another example of media drama? Or should you take it seriously? I think you should take it seriously.

In fact, the data shows that you should take every case of flu seriously. Each year flu kills hundreds of people. It makes no difference what virus is involved, flu can be deadly. But notice one thing that all flu epidemics have in common, even the great pandemic of 1918. Most people that are exposed to the infection never even have one problem from it.

Who Dies From the Flu

No matter what virus is behind the infection, the only ones that die are the ones whose immune systems are defective. For the most part this includes young children, old people, and sick people. But it also includes anyone with an unhealthy lifestyle. In Stan’s case, he had suffered from cancer and probably has a compromised immune system due to the treatment. So the key to preventing flu infections should be pretty obvious – keep your immune system healthy. You can't do this with a vaccine, but you can do it with what God has already provided us.

The Three Best Ways to Protect Yourself From the Flu

I'm going to tell you about the three most effective ways to avoid getting the flu – any flu, no matter what it’s called. But before I do, I want to underline what moms throughout history have told their children. The key to maintaining health is getting plenty of sleep, rest, and good food and water. This is a great time to lose the sodas and other junk foods, and replace them with fresh healthy foods. Also, make sure that you keep a lid on the sweets, processed foods, and alcohol. And get at least eight hours of sack time per day. This will cover the basics, and provide the foundation for the rest of your immune system game plan.

Vitamin D

Of all of the vitamins that prevent infectious disease, the most important is vitamin D. It’s also one of the most common vitamins to be found deficient. I routinely check the vitamin D blood level of every patient I see, because adequate amounts of vitamin D will not only protect you from viruses, but also from cancer. And the only way you will know if your levels are high enough is to have them checked. So that's the first thing to do.

If your levels are less than 30 ng/ml (nanograms per milliliter), then you are at serious risk. The “healthy range” reported on the lab test is anything above 30 ng/ml, but this is way less than optimum. It takes a level greater than 60 to offer full protection. In order for most people to attain that level, they are going to need to take from 5,000-10,000 units of vitamin D3 per day. I usually start off with a loading dose of 20,000-30,000 units a day for two weeks and then reduce it to 5,000 and check the blood level about two months later. If the level is greater than 100, I lower the dose. If it’s less than 60 I raise it. In other words, I keep on adjusting the dose until the blood levels are greater than 60 ng/ml.

And don’t be afraid of vitamin D. I have been using this schedule with people of all ages with complete safety including myself. I have to take 10,000 units a day to reach the protective level, and I have been doing this for several years. In that time, I have had two viral infections (keep in mind that my job requires me to be exposed to every virus that’s out there, all year long), both of which I licked in less than three to four days, and neither of which made me sick or caused me to lose work. I have seen the same results in many other people who used to “get every virus that came around.”

And don’t forget that when you are taking vitamin D, in order to make sure it goes where it should go, take vitamin K in the form of MK-7. Take 150 mcg for every 5,000 units of vitamin D you take.

Super Immune QuickStart

Want a really quick and easy way to boost your immune system right now? Use my Super Immune QuickStart. I developed this easy to take powder almost 30 years ago in order to make staying healthy easier for my patients. It is essentially one stop shopping for your immune system.

Super Immune QuickStart is a combination of immune enhancing herbal extracts, vitamins, and detoxifying nutrients that is easy to take, and extremely well absorbed. Start off taking one teaspoon twice a day, in the morning and at noon. After a week, slowly increase the dose to one scoop. Do this slowly!

QuickStart is the most powerful detoxifying food mix I have ever seen, and it can easily be too much for some toxic bodies. If you have a toxic reaction from it, just reduce the dose until the reaction goes away, and then start to increase it again.

The idea is to take the full dose for three months, and then reduce the dose to just once a day in the morning for long-term maintenance. You can mix it with yogurt, juice, or fruit and make it part of your daily food intake. I designed it as a super food. So when you take it along with Complete Daily Oils, it becomes a balanced mixture of fiber, proteins, carbohydrate, and fat just like the healthiest meal you could think of. Complete Daily Oils is a special mix of the most powerful oils and fat soluble nutrients I can think of.


For most people, what I have already told you about is enough to keep you safe from any virus. But for some, especially those who are constantly exposed, a little extra protection is good to have. In that case, I recommend Epicor.

EpiCor is an all-natural yeast-based product manufactured through a patented multi-stage fermentation and drying process. Now there's a mouthful! Only one company in the world makes it, Embria Health Sciences, in Ankeny, IA. The basic idea for this product came from the cattle industry where it has been used for over 50 years as an immune system stimulant. Recently, the same production principles have been applied to make a product suitable for human immune systems. And here's the best part – it works!

Although, EpiCor has not been studied rigorously, next to vitamin D and QuickStart, I can tell you that it is the best cold and flu preventer that I have ever used. About a year ago, I started giving it to many of my patients who were used to coming down with one to two colds or flus a year. I had them all regularly take one 500 mg capsule a day.

Now a year later, when they come in for their annual examinations, I am asking them how well it is working. Here's the good news. I have yet to talk with any of them that has had even one cold or flu after taking it for at least three months. I recommend a starting dose of one capsule twice a day for three months, and then once a day.

So What If It Doesn't Work?

“Well, that's all very good,” you might say, “but the nature of an epidemic is that even people with a healthy immunity can get sick when they are exposed to a new viral strain. And there's no guarantee that even the strongest won't come down with the flu every now and then.”

Yes, that's true. The measures I gave you above are effective enough to prevent flu in the majority of cases, but there will always be the exceptions. And when the exceptions are the elderly or other immune compromised individuals, the results could be deadly. Sure, there should be a natural way to control viral infection even in the immune compromised. And there is. It's called hydrogen peroxide therapy.

Don't expect to hear about hydrogen peroxide therapy on the AM talk shows or the news. Unfortunately, this therapy, which has been used by thousands of doctors in thousands of patients for over 20 years, is inexpensive and un-patentable. That translates out to not profitable and won't be used. Nevertheless, it’s a therapeutic slam dunk for viral infections of all kinds. I have never seen it fail. I have treated everything from flu to encephalitis to viral pneumonia, from influenza to parvovirus to West Nile virus all with the same result – the infection clears, and there are no side effects.

That's why I’m not in the least concerned about the epidemic of any virus. Why should I be? Hydrogen peroxide has been shown to kill every virus it's been tested against. In fact hydrogen peroxide is so good it's what God designed your immune cells to use to kill and control infections of all kinds. When your immune cells are busy killing viruses, they make their own hydrogen peroxide to do it. So what doctors do who know about this therapy, is help everything along by infusing hydrogen peroxide intravenously. It can be done safely and quickly, and like I already said, I have never seen it fail.

If your doctor does not know how to use this incredible, lifesaving therapy, ask him to come to one of my seminars and I will teach him. The seminars are listed at You can also find a doctor who has already been trained by going to the referral sections of and, or just google “hydrogen peroxide doctor” in your area of the country. I think it’s very important for all of you to know the name of a doctor that can give you this treatment if you need it.

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