How You Can Feel 10 to 20 Years Younger in 12 Months

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD

April 15, 2019



I’d like you to meet two people who just had a birthday. That doesn’t sound so special. But it was for these two. That’s because this was the first birthday they ever had where they actually felt younger.

But it was more than just feeling younger — they were younger. And I’m going to show you how you can experience the exact same thing by the time your next birthday rolls around.

There are a lot of misconceptions about getting older. A year older means a little less stamina, strength, and energy, right? It means a few more aches, worse sleep, less sex, more pills, less memory, and who knows what else, right?

Well, to be sure, that is the usual course of events. Few things are more typical than a steady decline in function starting somewhere around your 50th birthday. Sure it’s common, but that doesn’t mean it has to be that way.

And it doesn’t have to be your experience if you’re willing to do something about it. Betty and Nick did something about it. And you’re going to see what can happen to you if you’re willing to make the simple changes they made.

Betty and Nick are two ordinary people. In the last 12 months instead of functionally becoming a year older, they both became about 20 years younger. How was it possible? And how am I able to tell that their bodies are functioning like a much younger person’s? Read on, because with only a little effort, you can be just like these two.

Aging — It Doesn’t Mean Getting Older, It Means Functioning Worse

Aging is a word that people usually use synonymously with getting older. But the medical use of the word is much different. In the world of medicine, we use the word to refer to a decline in physiological function typically seen in people as they get over the 50-year-old hump. That means that things just don’t work as well as they used to. The body doesn’t heal as fast. The immune system doesn’t resist infections as well. The digestive system doesn’t work as well. You know what I mean.

And this decline is steady. The physiological function of a 50-year-old man is less than the function he had when he was 40. The decline also accelerates as you get older. After the age of 70, function declines virtually every year. Some people still insist that this decline is inevitable, but I disagree. Betty and Nick would disagree too.

But before I introduce you to my poster children for anti-aging, I need to dispel some false information about aging.

Your Own Personal Energy Crisis

I’ve told you in the past that the fundamental cause of aging is a decrease in cellular energy production. This decrease starts early in life.

I recently conducted a study, and published the results in the journal Anti-Aging Therapeutics, that demonstrates this point. In this study, I looked at 50 healthy men and women, all of whom were less than 40 years old. I tested their cellular energy production. Surprisingly, 46% of these youngsters were already showing signs of decreased cellular energy production. They were already on the fast track to aging, even though they still felt great.

So what’s the connection? How will the decrease in cellular energy production in those 23 men cause them to age at a faster rate than those with optimal levels?

Have you ever wondered why someone can go from the age of 30 to 40 and show no signs of aging at all? They became 10 years older, but their bodies still functioned every bit as well. Why is that? Why don’t they show the same kind of decline that happens when someone goes from 50 to 60? The answer has to do with cellular regeneration. Cellular regeneration is the process in which your body replaces older, more toxic, damaged, and less functional cells with new and better-functioning cells. The new cells are stem cells. And here’s the key to remember.

This process of cellular regeneration requires energy, a lot of energy. As long as the old cells and the new stem cells are capable of producing enough energy, the process of cellular regeneration will go on. An old cell will replace itself with a young cell. New tissue and organs will replace the old ones.

All this goes on every day provided there is ample energy present. This is the process that keeps your body young and functioning well even as you get older. In other words, it’s the fundamental process that keeps your body from aging. And it’s 100% dependent on cellular energy.

When cells become deficient in energy and can’t regenerate optimally, the tissues that the cells make up will start to age. Then the organs that the tissues make up will age. The whole degenerative process continues over time. When you start to hit the 50-year-old mark, this process that started in the cells catches up with you, and starts to affect your whole body. While the aging process at first is only on a cellular level, later on it will progress to involve every system in your body.

Now that you know what causes aging, let me show you how Betty and Nick reversed the process in less than one year.

Let’s Start With Betty

I first met Betty in February 2008. She was 65 at the time. Her doctor had moved away, and she came in to see me to have her bioidentical hormone prescription renewed. She said, “As long as I take my hormones and supplements, I feel great.” I responded that I was happy that she felt well. But I told her I was just as interested in how she was going to feel in 10-20 years as I was in how she felt now. So I told her about cellular aging. Then I asked her to get a Bio-Energy Test to see if her cells were producing energy at an acceptable level.

I’ve told you about Bio-Energy Testing in the past. It’s a process that I developed 10 years ago that measures how well the body uses oxygen. Since 99.9% of all the oxygen that goes into the body is metabolized in the mitochondria, measuring oxygen utilization with this testing process is a perfect way to determine how well your mitochondria function — and how fast you’re aging. You can learn much more about this process by watching any of the “energy” videos on the website or by reading any of my books. You can also find a list of doctors and clinics offering Bio-Energy Testing at

Betty was highly motivated to slow down aging and safeguard the quality of her life as she became older. So she quickly agreed to the test. Here’s what it showed. Her Energy Quotient was 72%. That means that the ability of her cells to produce energy was about 72% of what was typical for a woman who is 40 years old. In other words, her cellular energy production was about 30% less than optimal. Sure, she felt great. But the path that she was on was quickly leading her in a direction that was not where she wanted to go. The test also showed a few other important pieces of information.

Betty was a slow oxidizer. I’ll tell you more about this in a future issue. For now, it simply means she was eating too many carbohydrates for her metabolism. This was causing her cells to burn fat less efficiently, and was one of the main reasons her Energy Quotient had decreased. It was also the reason that she had been gaining fat around her mid-section. Betty’s basal metabolism (another measurement on the Bio-Energy Test) was low. Basal metabolism is the single best indicator of a person’s thyroid status. Even though the blood levels of her thyroid hormones were in the “normal range,” it was obvious that her mitochondria needed more thyroid hormones than her body was providing.

On a good note, her heart function and lung function were excellent. Bio-Energy Testing also measures these. So using the results of the test, along with the standard tests that most doctors do, here’s the program I put her on.

First, I fine-tuned Betty’s thyroid hormones, started her on a lower-carbohydrate diet, used the Bio-Energy exercise data to prescribe an appropriate individualized exercise program, and added a few extra supplements to help improve her fat metabolism. Now all this may look pretty good on paper, but we needed to be sure that these changes actually did what we wanted them to do — reverse the aging process. That’s why we preformed another Bio-Energy Test six months later in October 2008.

The results of this test were disappointing. Betty’s Energy Quotient increased by only two points. That’s when she told me she had been down with the flu for all of August, and had been recovering through September. All during this time, she had been unable to exercise. In fact, when she did the second test, she still wasn’t quite over the infection. I reassured her that in all likelihood, this was why she had not shown a greater improvement. Then I placed her on a hydrogen peroxide nebulizer along with some vitamin A and vitamin D. She quickly recovered. I told her to stay on her program, and to repeat the Bio-Energy Test in one year.

Betty was meticulous about staying on her anti-aging program. The results of the next test showed it in spades. Her Energy Quotient was 114%. That’s right! In only one year, Betty had been able to improve her mitochondrial function to a level that was 14% better than the average 40 year old!

In 12 months she had reversed the aging process to a point that it was now more typical of someone 25 years younger than she was. And she felt great. She hadn’t felt that good in years. A fluke result? Not really. I see this kind of improvement all the time. It’s just absolutely remarkable what the body can do when it gets everything it needs.

What’s more, it will work for you too. In a future issue, I’m going to show you how it worked for another patient. Nick was on his way to a very poor ending to his life. Within 10 years, his quality of life would have been miserable. But we were able to reverse the direction he was headed and added years — quality years — to his life. I’ll show you how.


Shallenberger, F. “Mitochondrial functional analysis: a new method for assessing anti-aging strategies. “Anti-Aging Therapeutics,” A4M Publications, 1510 West Montana St., Chicago, IL 60614. August, 2008.

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