There are a lot of really good supplements out there. But patients often ask me which one is my favorite - or which one do I consider the most important. Obviously, the one you're deficient in is the most important for you. But there are a few that everyone should take, regardless of how good their diet is or how healthy they are. Selenium is one of these.

I've told you in the past how great selenium is for autoimmune disease. And it's also a great cancer fighter. But did you know it's important for your brain too?

A French study followed 1,389 subjects, aged 60-71, over nine years. The researchers studied blood levels of selenium and compared it to the participants' brain function. They found that if your selenium levels fall over time, your risk of memory loss and overall cognitive function rises. And if your level of selenium rises, your risk of cognitive decline decreases accordingly. Interestingly, short-term selenium change (over two years) did not change cognitive function. It took many years.

The fact that short-term changes of selenium did not make a significant difference is very important. It means that you can't change the health of your mind by taking selenium for a few weeks. It can take years. So don't stop taking the supplement if you don't see improvement for a few months. It could take a couple of years to see big improvements.

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I love selenium. It's a super nutrient. I try to take at least 200 mcg every day. And I've done so for years. If you have any cognitive decline, or are concerned about it, please consider taking the same dose. You'll find this amount in many fine multivitamin/mineral preparations, including Healthy Resolve's Max Plus

Ref: Epidemiology, 2007; 18(1): 52-58

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