2 Tips to Avoid and Survive Cancer Better

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD
August 20, 2018


As you may know, the best treatment for cancer is to never get the disease in the first place. Treating cancer is difficult. So here’s a tip on how you can avoid getting cancer in the first place. And, if you do get cancer, I’ve got another tip on how to find the tumor earlier....

What if I told you preventing cancer is easy? Well, if you read Second Opinion, preventing cancer is very easy.

I’ve told you in the past about Bio-Energy Testing®. There isn’t a better way to accurately determine your health than with Bio-Energy Testing. Everyone over 40 should have a Bio-Energy Test at least once every other year. But can Bio-Energy Testing help you prevent cancer?

Absolutely! After 10 years of testing literally thousands of patients, I can tell you that I have seen only two patients with good Bio-Energy Testing results who later came down with cancer. Two cases out of thousands is an amazing statistic given that the general rate of cancer in the U.S. is one in seven. But that’s not all.

I also treat patients with cancer. Some of these patients have advanced cancer, and some have cancers that are in their early stages. None of these patients ever have good Bio-Energy Testing results. I repeat – none.

Add up these observations and one thing becomes clear. If you don’t want to ever hear your doctor tell you that you have cancer, you must have optimal Bio-Energy Testing scores. And now, a new study from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard Medical School shows why having a good Bio-Energy Test is important for preventing cancer.

The researchers looked at 100 sedentary, overweight breast cancer survivors. Half of them participated in a four-month cardiovascular and strength-training exercise program. The other half maintained their usual sedentary habits.

The results showed that the group that had been exercising had an average decrease in their blood insulin levels of 2.86 microU/mL. Not surprisingly, the insulin levels in the unfit group remained the same.

Statistically, this means that the exercise group had decreased their risk of having a return of their breast cancer. But the unfit group still had the same risk. How does this relate to Bio-Energy Testing?

Bio-Energy Testing determines how effectively you use oxygen. When your body doesn’t use oxygen efficiently, it causes disease. In fact, this is the number one cause of all disease, not just cancer. And I can unequivocally say that of all the possible ways to improve and maximize oxygen utilization, none is as effective as exercise properly done. Very few people test well on Bio-Energy Testing who aren’t regularly exercising.

This is the connection between this latest study, insulin levels, cancer prevention, and Bio-Energy Testing. But as you know, exercising is not the only way to decrease insulin levels.

The single most effective way to decrease insulin levels is to optimize carbohydrate intake. Once again, Bio-Energy Testing is critical. The testing process allows doctors to determine if you are eating more carbohydrates than is right for your particular metabolism. Since everyone is different, this is very important. There are some people out there whose metabolisms thrive on carbohydrates, while for others, even small amounts of carbohydrates are too much. Bio-Energy Testing can help you sort out where you are on this spectrum.

You can learn more about Bio-Energy Testing on my website. And you can find a doctor who offers Bio-Energy Testing at www.bioenergytesting.com.

If you have never had cancer, getting this test is the first step toward making sure that you stay that way. If you are a cancer survivor, it is the best way to insure that you remain cancer free.

What if You Suspect You Have Cancer?

The next best thing to avoiding cancer altogether is to find it early on. The sooner a cancer is found, the better the odds of beating it. Recently, scientists at Stanford University have found a fascinating way to do this.

One of the best ways to detect a cancer early on would be to find cancer cells in the bloodstream. There is a test that does this. It’s called a CTC. CTC stands for circulating tumor cells. But there’s a big problem with this test. It is very insensitive and will miss the cancers more often than find them. That’s because even though a cancer typically releases some cells into the bloodstream, they are so scarce that the CTC will not be able to find them most of the time.

According to Sam Gambhir, senior author of the new study, “These circulating tumor cells are so few that if you just take a regular blood sample, those test tubes likely won’t even have a single circulating tumor cell in them.” He compares finding circulating tumor cells in a blood sample about as likely as finding a grain of sand in a bathtub by scooping out a single cup of water. So, the Stanford scientists started looking for a way to attract cancer cells in the blood. But, in order to do it, they determined that the patient will have to get wired first.

The innovative new method Gambhir and friends used was to take an antibody that attaches only to a tumor cell. Then, they found a way to magnetize the antibody. The result is that when the magnetic antibody attaches to a tumor cell, the tumor cell becomes magnetic. Then, they use a tiny magnetic wire inserted into a vein to attract the tumor cells. Once the free-floating tumor cells in the bloodstream are magnetized by the antibody, it is only a matter of time before they float past the magnetized wire and stick to it. Sounds great, but does it work?

So far, the method has been effectively tested in pigs. In this experiment it found 10 to 80 times more tumor cells than current CTC blood-based tests. The amount of time the wire is left in a patient determines the overall volume of blood they effectively examine.

“We estimate that it would take about 80 tubes of blood to match what the wire is able to sample in 20 minutes,” says Gambhir.

The method has not yet been tested in humans, but that is going to come soon. Whether or not the magnetized antibodies are safe or not still needs to be determined. And one more thing.

Remember that according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 9 out of 10 cancers are preventable. Although finding ways to detect a cancer early is a great goal, an even better one is not to get cancer. The secret to not getting cancer or any other disease is to make sure your metabolism tests out strong. You can find out everything you need to know about metabolism and disease by reading my book, Bursting With Energy. And don’t forget to find the closest doctor to you who can test your metabolism (www.bioenergytesting.com).


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