Beneficial Bacteria Found in Bladder

July 28, 2018

If you’ve ever watched a TV show on surviving extreme conditions, you may have heard that you should drink your own urine to stay hydrated. While it might keep you alive, their reasoning is completely wrong. They say that urine is sterile. But it’s not. And this is important for your bladder health.

The commonly held belief that urine is sterile was debunked years ago. Turns out, urine - and our urinary tract - has a lot of bacteria in it, just like our gut. And new research has shed light on where the bacteria in urine come from, at least in women. This information can help you avoid having to survive a bladder infection. 

Loyola University researchers have been studying bladder bacteria for years. They confirmed the presence of bacteria in the urine of healthy women. Now they’re studying those bacteria in more detail.

The researchers looked at bacteria from 77 women and were able to sequence 149 strains. They compared bacteria in both the bladder and the vagina. There were a lot of similarities. Interestingly, these bacteria are quite different than those found in the intestines.

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Some of these bacteria were dangerous, like E. coli and S. anginosus. But others were friendly. And the spread of beneficial bacteria across the pelvic floor seems to be good for female health.

The researchers are excited about these findings. They believe these bacteria could help offer new ways to address issues like urinary tract infections and urgency urinary incontinence. 

These findings also remind us that bladder health relies on a delicate balance of bacteria. If something disrupts this balance, the immune system has to jump into action. This can create inflammation and irritation in the bladder.

You can help maintain a healthy immune response and bladder environment with Advanced Bladder Support. The nutrients in this product help your immune system react properly if your bacteria get out of balance. This will minimize irritation and inflammation so you can survive and thrive in other areas of life.

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