Nitric Oxide Lowers Mortality Rate in Children

June 12, 2018

We often think that we can find the fountain of youth by turning back the clock in us older folks. But we don't often think of looking for this fountain in those who already have their youth - our children. Fortunately, one group of researchers did just that - and found an interesting way to add years to your life.

A researcher from the Children's National Health System conducted a large observational study to investigate the use of a particular intervention over the course of 10 years. He reviewed data from 47 children's hospitals around the U.S. The data covered patient visits from January 2005 through December 2015 and included information from 18,343 patients.

He found that overall, the mortality rate among these patients was 22.7%. However, there was some good news: the rate dropped from 29.1% to 21.2% over the study's time frame. The researcher, who presented his findings at the 47th Critical Care Congress, believes this promising decrease can be attributed in part to one simple change. That is the increasing use of nitric oxide in pediatric patients.

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You're probably already aware of nitric oxide. I've written a lot about it. This gas is great for boosting circulation, which gives you plenty of associated benefits. And it's also proving to be very beneficial for infants and children experiencing hypoxic respiratory failure, respiratory distress syndrome, and pulmonary hypertension. Nitric oxide is now commonly administered to infants receiving neonatal care and to infants and children receiving cardiac care, including having to undergo cardiac surgeries. It's also proving beneficial after other surgeries for which patients have to use mechanical ventilation for more than 96 hours.

Infants and children typically can't (or don't know they need to) take preventative measures to protect their cardiovascular function. But we adults can. And, as we age, the chances that we'll need such protection only increase. That's why I regularly recommend CircO2, my favorite supplement for boosting the body's nitric oxide production.

Our bodies produce plenty of nitric oxide when we're young, and production decreases as we age. So if these infants and children are benefitting from it, just imagine what it can do for us older folks!

I particularly recommend it if you're preparing for or recovering from surgery, especially heart surgery. And even if you're not, I'm sure you'll enjoy some of the other benefits of nitric oxide, such as increased energy levels. You'll need them if you are a reader with young kids - or grandkids! Their higher nitric oxide levels are just one of many reasons that kids always seem to have boundless energy. And with CircO2, we can get at least some of that energy back.

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