Wasp Venom Creates Parkinson’s-Like Condition in Cockroaches

May 26, 2018

We typically think of mind control as the stuff of science fiction movies. But what if I were to tell you a wasp may hold the secret to mind control? I might have the makings of a horror movie on my hands (albeit a potentially campy one). But if you're a cockroach, this idea isn't the makings of a movie. It's actually a pretty horrifying reality. However, it may hold a secret to treating Parkinson's disease.

Now, I know most of us aren't fans of cockroaches (though I personally don't like wasps much better). However, you may be able to muster up some sympathy for them if you're brave enough to read the gruesome details of what happens if the wrong kind of wasp gets a hold of them. If an American cockroach is stung by a parasitic wasp, it will lose control of its behavior, becoming lethargic, while the wasp's egg matures in its body. Once the wasp egg hatches, the cockroach serves as its first meal.

I think we can agree that this is pretty nasty stuff. But other than making us thankful that we aren't cockroaches, it doesn't seem, at first glance, to have much to do with humans. However, the scientists who published a report on the process in the American Chemical Society's journal Biochemistry disagree. And don't worry - what they found could actually be good news down the road (for us, at least - the cockroaches are still on their own).

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The researchers noted that after the wasp stings the cockroach in the brain (I told you it was gruesome), the cockroach falls into a state of immobility or lethargy that actually resembles that of Parkinson's patients. The researchers believe the wasp venom may affect the same dopamine pathway that becomes dysfunctional in humans with Parkinson's. By analyzing the venom, they were able to identify a new type of peptide, which they called ampulexins. Their studies confirmed that injecting cockroaches with ampulexins immobilizes them. Now, they're moving on to studying the cellular targets of ampulexins, which could lead to better Parkinson's treatments down the road.

I think this is an interesting avenue for study. I'll certainly report back if the researchers find a good treatment through this approach. However, I think the conclusion might be different than what the chemical companies want to hear. There is a good bit of evidence that suggests chemical poisons in pesticides are causing Parkinson's. The fact that this venom causes a similar condition gives even more credence to this line of thought.

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