CoQ10 Variant Improves Arterial Function

May 22, 2018

What if you could take one nutrient that in only six weeks would make your arteries 15-20 years younger? That's exactly what some scientists have recently reported as possible.

The study was published just a few weeks ago in the American Heart Association journal Hypertension. It adds to the growing body of evidence suggesting that certain nutritional supplements could play an important role in preventing heart disease.

To do the study, the researchers recruited 20 healthy men and women age 60 to 79 years. They gave half of them 20 milligrams per day of a supplement called MitoQ. MitoQ is a version of CoQ10. To get MitoQ, scientists chemically alter CoQ10 to make it enter more efficiently into the mitochondria of the cells. They gave the other half a placebo.

Before and after six weeks, the researchers assessed how well the inner lining of the blood vessels (called the endothelium) functioned by measuring how much the arteries dilated with increased blood flow. This function of the arteries decreases with aging. And the decrease leads to stiff arteries, higher blood pressure, and decreased circulation. Amazingly, the researchers found that the supplement caused the dilation test to improve by 42%! According to the authors, this is the equivalent of having arteries that are 15 to 20 years younger!

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One of the authors, Matthew Rossman, a postdoctoral researcher in the department of integrative physiology said, "An improvement of that magnitude, if sustained, is associated with about a 13% reduction in heart disease." The supplement also reduced arterial stiffness.

Rossman also said, "This is the first clinical trial to assess the impact of a mitochondrial-specific antioxidant on vascular function in humans. It suggests that therapies like this may hold real promise for reducing the risk of age-related cardiovascular disease." And remember that an improvement in circulation not only decreases the chance of cardiovascular disease, it also decreases all the other effects of aging.

You can buy MitoQ online from several sources. This study suggests that everyone can benefit from adding in this supplement to their regular exercise program, especially those with heart disease, a strong family history of heart disease, or high blood pressure. Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States. And, in my opinion, it is 100% preventable. MitoQ seems to be an important part of the equation.

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