Ozone Helps Heal Wounds That Won’t Heal

May 15, 2018

One of the worst problems you can have is a wound that refuses to heal. This can often happen to leg or foot sores in diabetics, but it can also happen in other situations. The standard treatment is antibiotics and surgical wound care. Sometimes hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can be used. But one of the simplest and most dramatic ways to make these wounds heal faster is with ozone therapy.

Recently, researchers reported on the results of using ozone therapy in a group of 130 patients with severe infections of the foot. Often, these infections can lead to amputations. The patients had the standard surgical treatment of the infected areas, and then afterward were treated with regular exposure of the healing wound to ozone. For comparison, 90 other patients with the same condition were treated without any ozone therapy.

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The researchers pointed out that not only does ozone therapy speed up the effects of surgery, but it also decreases infection. Additionally, "Ozonization of the wounds facilitates growth of the granulating tissues [healing tissue] and prolongs the effect of decontamination of the wound surface." The patients who were lucky enough to have ozone therapy in addition to standard wound care healed much faster and required fewer surgeries.

If you're dealing with a wound, any kind of wound, that's not healing, be sure to treat the wound with ozone. You can find information on how you can treat yourself in my book, The Ozone Miracle. You can also find doctors trained in ozone therapy at www.aaot.us.

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