New Test Discovers Alzheimer’s Risk Early

May 1, 2018

Alzheimer’s is getting more common. There are more than five million cases in the United States alone, with a new case being identified every 66 seconds. By 2050, it’s estimated that the annual cost to the country for Alzheimer’s will increase 400%. Is there a way to prevent the impending crisis?

Maybe. A Vancouver-based research team led by Canada’s Dr. Patrick McGeer, has successfully carried out studies suggesting that, if started early enough, a daily regimen of the non-prescription NSAID pain reliever, ibuprofen, might be the answer that can prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. McGeer is famous for his research in neuroinflammation and neurodegenerative diseases, particularly Alzheimer’s. In 2016, he and his team announced that they had developed a simple saliva test that can diagnose Alzheimer’s disease. But that’s not all. According to Dr. McGeer, the test is also able to predict Alzheimer’s years before it becomes obvious.

The test is based on measuring the concentration of the peptide amyloid beta protein 42 (Abeta 42) secreted in saliva. In most individuals, the rate of Abeta 42 production is almost exactly the same regardless of sex or age. However, if the rate of production is two to three times higher, those individuals are destined to develop Alzheimer’s disease. That is because Abeta 42 creates deposits in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease called amyloid plaques, which cause inflammation, and ultimately destroys brain cells.

It has always been thought that Abeta 42 was made only in the brain. But Dr. McGeer’s research has discovered that it is made in all organs of the body and is secreted in saliva. As a result, with as little as one teaspoon of saliva, it’s possible to predict whether an individual is destined to develop Alzheimer’s disease. This is incredibly important because it gives test positive individuals an opportunity to begin taking early preventive measures. One of those measures would be to reduce inflammation, and thus counteract the effects of Abeta 42. And that’s where the ibuprophen comes in. It’s a potent anti-inflammatory drug.

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According to Dr. McGeer, "What we've learned through our research is that people who are at risk of developing Alzheimer's exhibit the same elevated Abeta 42 levels as people who already have it; moreover, they exhibit those elevated levels throughout their lifetime so, theoretically, they could get tested anytime. If they exhibit elevated Abeta 42 levels then, that is the time to begin taking daily ibuprofen to ward off the disease."

Dr. McGeer goes on to point out that once the symptoms of Alzheimer's are already mild to severe, the efficacy of available treatments are often minimal. He says, "Consequently, every therapeutic trial has failed to arrest the disease's progression. Our discovery is a game changer. We now have a simple test that can indicate if a person is fated to get Alzheimer's disease long before it begins to develop. Individuals can prevent that from happening through a simple solution that requires no prescription or visit to a doctor. This is a true breakthrough since it points in a direction where Alzheimer's disease can eventually be eliminated."

Dr. McGeer's approach is right on the money. I've been saying for years that the best treatment for any disease is not to get it. And that is particularly true for any disease like Alzheimer's for which we don't have an effective therapy. But do you really need to take ibuprofen?

I ask the question because there are several natural remedies that work in the same way that ibuprofen does. A good formula that includes these herbs is found in a product called Reduloxin. Take two tablets a day. Another nutrient that has similar effects to ibuprofen is Complete Daily Oils essential oil formula. I recommend two capsules daily for everyone.

As for the test, I have tried to contact the producers of the test, Aurin Biotech, to see when it will become available, but they're not getting back to me. So, perhaps there is a problem bringing it to the public. I will definitely be on the lookout for it if and when it does become available.

Yours for better health,

Patrick L. McGeer et al, Conquering Alzheimer’s Disease by Self Treatment, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. Mach 16, 2018.

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